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5 Summer Trends high This Season

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There are many trends that are going to stay from the previous year’s fashion. Floral isn’t dead, it has come back in a new form of floral water color, floral abstract and floral geometric. Denim is not going anywhere soon, denim over denim is the new trend in catch. You can also look into geometric prints and mix and match prints. Here are a few styles and categories that haven’t left us for this year Summer ’18 trends High Fashion!

Summer Trends Jumpsuit


All the major brands have been working in Jumpsuits. Gucci in it’s 70’s reinterpretation portrayed a retro lash in jumpsuits, Tod’s was a flow through jumpsuits and other brands hovered around it too. Seems like jumpsuit is here to stay for this season. Brace yourself in Denim Jumpsuits with floral embroidery this season and it wouldn’t go wrong in the streets.

Sportswear Speck


Athleisure hasn’t left us in this year and is coming with immense expansion. Fenti X Puma, Dior, Marc Jacobs- all the major sport section brands have already taken up on refining the sportswear. Other brands are also working towards garnering an athleisure match. Styles from Scuba Diving, motocross and skiing suits are on!

Denim on Denim

Denim is not going away anytime soon, this year is literally the blitz of denim. Styles that wrap you in denim from head to toe are very much in demand. Elizabeth and James had boots made of denim whereas Alexander McQueen is revering with their stylish denim jackets. Oscar De La Ranta stained paint on their denim collection, there is so much that you can do with denim!

Pink Blush Summer Trends

The bright pink broad shoulder jacket from Tom Ford’s Collection made the first glimpse of fashion this year. The brilliant pink and different hues from the pink palette shall be on for the season. A mix and match of pink and yellow will be on high grounds and pink accessories styled with various prints and solid colors shall also be a fashion creative brainstorm for the stylists this year. Do not fear to wear pink!


Boldness is the first requisite of adhering by the trend. This trend is on for sheerness at many different levels. You can be comfortable at a 30% sheer dress, but you might not feel the same for a 80% sheer dress. Choose whatever makes you feel good and airy. The Summer is going to be on a high rise for this year, sheer can be your escape in the fashion zone without the sultry effect of other fashion types.

Fashion is what you command it to be, the summer trends alerts are forwarded by the big runways but that shouldnt stop you from wearing whatever you want to wear!

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