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7 Things not to wear this Summer

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This is the summer of changes within the retained, last year’s trends have been modified and readjusted according to 2018 style predictions. Athleisure has changed phases, big prints are not included, instead block prints in ajrakh, indigo, chintz is totally in. For this summer, choose appropriate colors (do not go all neon at night) and wear matching accessories and do not over burden your apparel to match with your extra flamboyant accessories. Avoid the following,


The word velvet runs fire when you speak of it in the summers. Florence Welch looks so hot in that dress, this hot is the summer heat folks, do not consider a mistake as good. Go for cotton maxi instead. However much sweat free you are as a person and however much are you in love with velvet, it is a big no no in summers!

Style Predictions for Extra Sheer

What are you trying to do there? Don’t do what Cynthia Rowley did, that is not sheer, its sheer. Extra or advance sheer is in when you are in your lounge or closed party. Wear less sheer instead and get a glamorous look! But it is ruthless to wear extra sheer in formal parties and outdoor night events, you just the kill the vibe of looking good by extra sheer in your dress!

Extravagant Formal Wear


Let formal be formal, that is the crux of it! Do not lessen the formal look like Olivia Culpo here. The bandeau bra does not go with the formal jacket, avoid the concept of layers at all costs. Wear formal shirts or tops that go well with your trouser-jacket set.

No Lounge wear

Erin Wasson seems to have gotten a little too comfy! While pajama suits and other lounge wears were a hit last year, the beginning of this new year hasn’t been too kind to the trend. Avoid lounge wear and seemingly extra spaced cloth at all costs. Wear palazzo instead with quirky prints!

Fur in Style Predictions

Nicki Minaj is known for her gutsy choices when it comes to fashion, but this however is too much guts for us! Fur in summers is like death in the sun for the wearer and the onlooker alike. You need to cut down on your fur quotient for the summer unlike last year when fur trends were on an all time high. You can check out brims and laces instead or flare dresses for your purposes.


Why are we even talking about it? It makes me sultry by the sound of it even. What was Tilda Swinton thinking when she wore this fall overcoat in the summers? Perhaps, setting the stage on fire was taken literally. You can wear maxi dresses that have a cover up as a shrug or you can get to overcoat cotton shrugs, but I would suggest to avoid any kind of overcoat altogether.


The brightest hues are is off for the season, however much you would like it to be present. It just wouldn’t match with the street style this time. Neon can be coupled with some dark grey for your workout sessions. But do not try to mainstream your neon usage. Use bright summer colors with quirky prints instead!

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