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7 ways to adopt Athleisure

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Athleisure, the new chic in town! If you are done with the same old intuitive fashion parameters, Athleisure is for you. If combined well with your casual look, these sporty designs will upstate your fashion statement. But then again, you need to efficiently style this new trend or it might make you look a bit sloppy!

Let us see how and what more to seek at.

Balance your colors


It is generally advisable that you pick neutral colors to flaunt your sporty chic look but there is the catch! Use minimal neon hues at your comfort areas, this will enhance the very aspect of the athleisure trend that you are styling. It also gives you a bold confident picture! Use neon pleated jackets or neon patterned yoga pants.

Pick that awesome jacket

Jackets are a bliss in the fashion world. If you own a few good ones, there is always a better scope of styling with versatility. With the sporty trend in season, go for Duster and bomber jackets paired with stretch leggings and white trainers. Heavily accessorised Bomber jackets are totally in, girls! Also, you can look forward to style those leather sport jackets of yours, it is always better to pick from the further end of expected options.

Mimic your casual style

In your daily casual day, what is your style? A style that you are confident and comfortable in! Pick your style and make sure that you replace it with the apt selections in athleisure options. You can always layer your tank tops with funky onlooking sports bra and pair it with a pair of patterned stretch pants. Put on a choker, if you fancy!

Look out for more funky brands

You don’t have to stick to the very known faces in the athleisure fashion brands! Look ahead and browse on to other brands like Carbon38, Tory Sport, Bandier and others. These brands provide a sort of unseen creative picks that are both casual and sporty without an overhead definition. The smaller brands tend to work more into creativity and invest more in the processes of brainstorming for fashion!

Accessorized Athleisure


Time and again, have I been repeating this! If you know when to clutter up and when to minimize, you are on the right track of fashion first bit. Pick up bold imitation jewellery to chic up that sporty look of yours. Silver junk doesn’t go very well with the athleisure trend but then again it is all intuitive. You can also look into bracelets and chokers for a more minimal pick.

The game of mix and match materials

Moving ahead of the general game of Lycra and Spandex, look out for materials like faux leather and mesh. It is about rocking the unexpected! Move beyond your normal gym routine and add hints of classy in that perfect look of yours!

Take good care of your Athleisure


Yes and must! When it comes to sport apparels, you have to keep a bit of extra care in the handling. The clothes are rather stretchy and absorb a lot of moisture, keep them clean and handy. Also, due to the neutral color palette, they tend to get a little out of color. Make sure you take good care of the wardrobe, or you might end up in rags with holes!


You are very close to ready, next stop is go get your pick asap!

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