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7 ways to pull off indigo- Trending now!

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Indigo year in full retrospect! This year is a mark of some very prominent trends that are likely to continue. This Japanese dyeing technique has taken over the color palette of fashion this year competing in terms with the neutral shades. The classical and abstract prints of Indigo are a big hit this season. These prints also called as Shibori Prints are a major trend in apparel, accessory and home decor as well!

Blue up your style up this autumn, check out how!

Look out for the print

The Indigo prints are much in fashion this year. Simple block prints from over a neutral palette are totally in this season. Shibori Prints and Ajrakh will dominate the streets in classic fashion and casual street wear too! Choose right silver accessories to go with your simple blue hue.

Brace indigo in your casual wear

Rage the streets in style! Choose Shibori print kurtas and plain trousers for an apt professional look. You can wear casual dresses in the hue and walk like a simple-minded queen with utmost elegance. Be a fashion diva in the casual stream of fashion. Indigo hue is the color of erupting peace, much suits your persona in every streak of colour!

Adapt as Work Wear

Oh the regular humdrum in the morn! Not anymore, to the office bunch out there- pick up your indigo and rise and shine my friend. This is one of the prettiest trend in the style picks of the season; there is blossom even in the simple pick of abstract print on white. Just pick a kurta or a dress for that desk of yours and you are done!

Style your Denim in vibrancy

Blue has so much to offer! The denim blue (most wanted indigo) is on fire! Draw in cuffs on your jeans or get a glitter lace-up for your denim jackets and dresses. The minimal floral patterns on that denim jacket of yours with a short denim skirt and a bubble bun can be your day out pick!

Accessorize in Indigo

That you should! Tired of wearing blue almost every other day? Look out for accessories that flaunt the indigo. Such a perfection of color this is, it goes with every combination of colors. Pick olive, maroon, orange or any other color and accessorize it with an indigo print scarf or a purse. You shall feel lively again!

Embrace Floral and Indigo

A blast of awesome fashion comes in when you mix two of the most beautiful trends around. Floral patterns on indigo dyed cloth is a big yes for this season. Denim jackets, jeans are adorned with floral quirky patterns are a mooshy this year. Celebrities have adopted the trend and are rummaging the streets of fashion in floral and indigo.

Be a part of the trend

It shan’t take much! Just pick your favorite print and in blue- you are done, well, mostly done! Pick hair do’s that make your face look neat if opting this blue shade for office. Go messy for that long evening walk. Colors matter a lot when you are onlooking a person, this enchanting hue is the color of calm composure and peace. You will be taken seriously without an effort!

Pick and build unique abstract indigo prints for your casual wear. Keep a track on the classical prints and designs too! Do not miss out this one- it is the best blue in town.


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