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Bundle Up & Look Gorgeous this Holiday Season – 6 Must-Have Winter Accessories

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Winter is here full-blown, and temperatures have started dipping. Stepping out in right kind of winter wear is now imperative to stay warm and protected. But staying warm doesn’t mean that your style quotient also has to drop along with the temperature. Winter dressing can always be made fun, with the right choice of outfit and dazzling it up with beautiful winter accessories. The Vanca brings you a lowdown of 6 must-have accessories in every woman’s winter wardrobe.


Scarves are undoubtedly everyone’s favourite winter accessories – they look good with pretty much anything you wear in winters, and keep you warm too! They come in various sizes, shapes and unlike regular winter wear, in bright colours too. Hence they are the perfect accessory to dazzle up an otherwise dull coloured winter outfit. You can have as many varieties of scarves in your wardrobe to create a new look every day. You can choose from multiple styles like the basic fringed scarf, knitted chunky scarf, oblong scarf, blanket scarf especially in tartan prints, oversized infinity scarf, faux fur boa, woollen wraps, silk stoles and many more styles. Choose warmer material like wool or plaid over stuff in cotton. The scarf is a simple rectangular, square or oblong piece of cloth which has the capability to change your entire look. Do try different kinds of wrapping style, tutorials to which is readily available everywhere digitally or otherwise and look like the ultimate winter diva every day.


Hats or caps are another essential accessories for winters. Keeping your head covered is not only required to stay cosy and protected, but it’s also a good way to keep your hair safe from harsh winter chills. There are so many styles available out there for this winter staple, choose the one you like the most. From hats to beanies to pompom hats to trapper hats to Russian Ushanka hats, hats with ear flaps, etc. Look for warmer fabrics like wool, fur, fleece lined, and sometimes leather too. However, if you are the one who is too concerned about having hat hair, then next category may be your best friend this fall.

Ear Warmers

If you are too conscious of having hat hair, then you must invest in these cool winter accessory. Not only they keep your ears, and some parts of head covered thus keeping you safe from the winter chill, but they also lend an uber chic look to its wearer. Made from knit fabric mostly, these are very comfortable to wear. There is another popular form of ear warmers commonly known as ear muffs which look more like a headphone than a piece from your winter wardrobe. The Vanca suggestion – Ear warmers could be your DIY project during the winter holidays. It’s darn easy to knit, and you can make it in as many colours and styles you want. We can’t think of an easier DIY project honestly. Wear it yourself or gift it this festive season to your besties and they would always remember you in a warm way, literally!


Keep your paws warm with gloves in this cold weather. Choose from so many styles available like fingerless, touchscreen, woollen mitts and much more. Wool is the choicest of the fabric, but a leather glove also gives lots of warmth and is uber stylish as well. Varieties are using both the material that is leather & wool. We are sure there is certainly a pair suitable for your style.


We think this is the most loved winter accessory ever. Without a pair of boot, no girl’s winter wardrobe is complete, period. So many varieties to choose from – lengthwise – Ankle length, Calf Length, Knee or higher length (also known as cowboy boots), heels wise– flat walking boots, block heels, stack heels, Stilletoe booties, etc., there is one for everyone out there. Most popular boots in this cold weather are made of Leather, but faux-leather and soft suede are equally comfortable. Nowadays so many colours are also available in boots. But the neutral colours like black, brown, tan, etc. are a more popular choice as they can be matched with the majority of outfit colours. Our suggestion is, do invest in a couple of neutral colours, ultra-comfortable walking boots so that you can be out and about in this weather not only feeling warm but also at ease walking longer distances

Socks & Leg Warmers

To keep those toes warm in whatever stylish boot you choose to wear, a good pair of chunky winter socks or leg warmers will always do the trick! Not only with boots they can be paired up with any style of footwear to create a stylish look. These oh-so-comfortable winter must-haves are so easy to find and can be bought pretty much anywhere. They are readily available in a plethora of colours to suit every woman’s style, and will always come handy to keep your feet toasty everywhere – when paired with your footwear or in front of the fireplace or bed on those cold winter nights.

These accessories are not only a great way for adding some colour and spice to your winter wardrobe but are also excellent choices for gifting this holiday season. It’s still one day to Christmas, feel free to take ideas from this list for your last minute shopping.

Stay Warm. Stay Stylish. Merry Christmas from Team The Vanca.

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