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If you think you have the potential to blog, write and talk about fashion, then do come and get connected with us. We are looking out for a new initiative, register yourself at the given link, once shortlisted pick up goods free of cost from www.thevanca.com, blog and write about it. If you are selected for long term partnership you will become part of Vanca’s affiliate program.. We will get you affiliate marketing link and with that each sale that happens you will be awarded 10% commission of the sale value. If your sale goes beyond 50,000/- month you become part of gold program and will get additional benefits.

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates/ bloggers/ partners for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing / blogging efforts. The Vanca would like to work with you and create a healthy transparent environment where all of us can co-exist.

Steps to Join our Blogger Event
Step 1: Fill Google Form (https://goo.gl/forms/OJjzpaPKuq26Haf02) and Register at Vanca.
Step 2: According to your P
references we will send a Mailer to choose any Dress from Collection (First Come First Serve Basis)
Step 3: Write a Blog about that Dress with High Quality Images or Videos and Tag #Thevanca.
Step 4: Get that Dress Free!

FAQs for Affiliate Marketing
1) What is Affiliate Marketing ?
The Vanca is approaching the new breed of entreprenuring bloggers to associate with the brand for mutual benefits towards fashion in the online market. We welcome you to be our affiliate. When you pick designs from us and educate your followers about our trending collections, we would like to reward you back if it helps us raise our sales.

2) How will it be done ?
The Vanca will create an unique link which will be exclusive for you. Any sales driven through that link lets us recognise and register that we need to thank you !!

3) What is an affiliate link ?
An unique link provided to affiliates (YOU) to promote our online service that is then used to credit sale commissions back to you. A typical link starts off with the original domain then ends with the affiliate id number.

4) Does that mean you have to showcase Vanca every month?
ABSOLUTELY NOT!! We are a brand driven by design lovers and we are nothing if not the people who appreciate creative freedom. We launch a new collection every fortnight and we recommend you to keep checking us out. When ever you come across a product that suits your personality, adds to your wardrobe, becomes your season favourite do let us know. We will send out that product to you and lets looking at sharing some good design with everyone.
PS : We melt like a marshmallow when we see someone on the streets wearing our piece.

5) How does The Vanca reward me back ?
Depends on you. We will calculate your efforts at month end and 10% of the share will come back to you. You can choose the option between gift coupons/redeem points from The Vanca or band account transfer.

6) Who can be our affiliate ?
Bloggers. The wider your reach, the better. You could be someone who communicates only through images or someone who also adds on words and videos to keep your page as alive as possible.

7) How long will be the association
We will evaluate your contribution and your interest in our design and garments. Based on various other factors we might take the association for 1 month or 3 month or 6 month.
Based on your contribution you can also become Gold partner where in you will do certain posts, generate certain specified likes, traffic and orders and your commission is much higher than the regular 10%.

If you have further queries do write to us and we will be more than happy to help you.

Waiting on You !!
Team Vanca

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