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Campus Fashion Trends to Follow

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Student life is one of the memorable experiences for everyone in their life. We learn a lot of things, create a lot of memories and have the best of the time with our friends. This is also the time when we enjoy dressing and want to look our best. In doing so, we always want to follow the latest trends and rock them. We love to grab all the attention, and when it is for our style and fashion sense, nothing can be better than that right?

As we all know, the trends keep changing with time. Here’s a quick round up for all of you to keep you updated about the latest campus fashion trends. Follow these late fashion trends and up your style game on campus.

Before we go ahead with the latest trends, here are some basic things we need to remember when it comes to college fashion. These trends can be loud and quirky but are also equally comfortable. Also, ensure that you don’t just blindly follow the trends just because everyone else is doing so. Always figure out what works for you or doesn’t work, what looks best on you or doesn’t look good, what makes you look and feel better. After all, fashion is meant to make you look and feel better. It should not look like something is loaded on you just because you had to do it. Also, doing that will never make you look better in any way.

Here we go with the latest campus fashion trends now:

  • Sweatshirt

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Lately, sweatshirts are very popular amongst the youngsters and others alike. These super comfortable tops also look chic and trendy. You get these in a bouquet of choices nowadays. So many colours, designs, patterns are available for every kind of person to find the right ones for themselves. The sweatshirts are very versatile as well. You can wear them with your favourite denims, skirts or shorts. It always looks trendy and fashionable, and the comfort factor is like a cherry on a cake. You can rock the sweatshirts not just on campus but also at parties and events. Just get the right kind of sweatshirts, and you are set to rock this cool trend.

  • Crop tops

One of the retro trends that has made a comeback is the crop tops trend. This trend got a lot of love and attention from everyone. Crop tops are available in a variety of choices that you are sure to get confused when you go shopping. These are also very versatile allowing you to experiment with your styling and create different looks. You can pair them simply with denims, skirt, shorts or also pair them with dungarees and wear them over your dresses to create a unique look.

  • Off-shoulder tops/ dresses

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One of the latest trends that looks elegant as well as sexy is the off-shoulder tops and dresses. The off-shoulder trend is seen sported by almost everyone these days, and it looks perfectly awesome on everyone. This trend is apt for anytime, be it a day look or a night look. You can create a variety of looks with the off-shoulder trend by pairing it with different kind of accessories and clothing pieces. You can get yourself a sporty, sexy or casual look.

  • T-shirt dresses

Inspired by the comfy and cool t-shirts, we have a new trend these days that is adored by the youth, the t-shirt dresses. As you can guess, these are like an extension of the basic tees which are transformed into comfortable dresses. These dresses, just like the tees, are comfortable and versatile. These can be your go-to dresses when you have no time to decide about your outfit and still want to look stylish and chic. The most loved campus look with these dresses is created by pairing the printed t-shirt dresses with comfortable shoes, add some chunky accessories to it and you are ready to rock your college style. Apart from this, these dresses can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and can look gorgeous on everyone. Experiment with it, and you can have your own unique way of styling these dresses.

  • Bodysuits

Bodysuits are catching up the pace amongst the youngsters these days. It is the perfect way to give you a crisp tucked-in look without having to worry about continuously adjusting it. Bodysuits are available in different patterns and styles to suit all kind of people. Once you start using these, you are sure to fall in love with these.

  • Lace-up trend

The lace-up style is no more limited to your shoes. Recently there is a huge craze about the lace-up style in tops, dresses and even some accessories. These lace-up style clothes and accessories look very sporty, edgy and stylish. The lace-up style dresses, paired with boots also make for a gorgeous night look. For your cool campus style, you can pair the lace-up tops with denims or skirts and add some comfortable shoes or sandals. For a more edgy look, you can add heels or booties to your look and be ready to make heads turn on campus.

  • Sneakers

We are sure you all are already following this trend. Sneakers were basically designed for sports or other physical activities. However, these days the sneakers are seen as a fashion staple for your go-to looks. This trend is very popular on campus and looks super cool and trendy as well. Also, the different variety of sneakers you get these days is so tempting. You cannot resist yourself from buying a few of those sneakers. Also, the different types of sneakers allow you to experiment and get yourself different looks.

  • Bomber jackets

Bomber jackets or flight jackets which were originally created for flight pilots have lately become a part of everyday attire. Everyone is loving the edgy look these jackets give you. The bomber jackets are a very popular campus fashion trend where people are seen pairing these with a variety of attires and rocking the trend. No matter what type of patterns and prints you like, you will find a bomber jacket in every style these days. You can pair the bomber jacket with a simple dress or your basic denim and tee, and still look classy and edgy.

  • Ripped denims

Denims have always been a favourite amongst the campus crowd. We have seen different types and styles of denim trends over the years. Designers have always worked on creating different types of denims and continue to do so as these are the very basic clothing pieces used by everyone on a daily basis. The recent trend seen in denims is the ripped denims. Ripped denims are sported on campus by everyone these days. These look classy, cool and stylish.

  • Chokers

This simple trend from the 80s has made a huge comeback recently. Chokers in different styles are soon becoming a part of everyone’s wardrobe. The youth is totally adoring the chokers trend and sporting these classy accessories on campus and making their own fashion statement. Also, the variety of chokers you get these days will surely compel you to try out this trend. Also, the chokers look great on any kind of attire and instantly add a touch of glam to your look. Who doesn’t want to look glamorous on campus, right? So, go ahead and try out those chokers and style them your way.

  • Midi rings

After Rihanna sported the midi-ring with her perfectly manicured nails, it soon became a trend to wear funky midi-rings complementing the nails. This trend is Totally in vogue as a cool campus trend. You will see people rocking the midi-rings with their everyday looks on campus. Looking at the popularity of these rings, designers are also creating a lot of unique designs in the midi-rings so as to suit everyone’s taste and allow people to experiment with their looks. If you still haven’t tried this trend, it’s surely time to try out this fun trend and rock your campus looks in style.

These are all of the latest trends that are popular on campus, and we feel are worth trying. While we do like to follow trends, and look our best, always remember to consider your comfort factor as well when trying/ wearing a particular trend.

Hope you find this article helpful. We will keep writing many more articles to help you keep updated about the latest happenings in the fashion industry.

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