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Entering the Era of Sustainable Fluid Fashion

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That glittering veil of viscose and the high grade comfort of cotton are surely one of the most popular feels in fabric in the clothing market but they have their sorted implications on the environment. Many materials like Nylon and synthetics made from petrochemicals prove to be non-degradable and are responsible for emissions of the Greenhouse gases in the environment. Even cotton fabric is treated with many chemicals producing chlorine compounds, it also is the most pesticide pertinent crop. The natural fibers undergo a lot of bleaching and dyeing processes which reduces their sustainability approach altogether.

But then the gruesome chapter is over with the ushering in of sustainable fibers in the market which are both skin and environment friendly. Many brands like H&M, Mango, Anokhi have taken up the clause of the production of sustainable fabric in amazing heart throbbing designs. The mood just got better, ain’t it ?

Here listing the most viable of sustainable fabrics you can look out for!

Live along Liva

A subclass of the rayon sort, Liva is made from 100% natural fibers- intrinsically from wood pulp. It is in originality one of the most breathable and fashionable fabric in the fashion world. As goes their motto of ‘Fluid Fashion’, Liva tends to accentuate all the jazz that you board around in those awesome curves and craze. Don’t wait up, rediscover your wardrobe in fresh breath!

Hemp that statement with style

Extremely durable and one of the most sought to fabrics, hemp is a more classified figure in the modification of bast fibers- fibers from the wood and stems of cannabis sativa plant. It brims with smoothness and exalts warmth from the shin- what more do you require for your skin in days of blues for the warmth of self and in days of joy to instigate happiness from your skin being! Also, hemp fiber can be used for multiple production like home furnishing products, shoes, apparels and accessories!

Go Organic, Go Cotton


The production of organic cotton is often mistook with the general cotton trends. Organic Cotton is produced from non genetically modifies plants and without the use of any pesticides under controlled environment. It is extremely beneficial for our biodiversity and feels like fleece under the skin. The smooth and gentle love that organic cotton provides you with is enough to draw your smiles out!

Linen Revisited


Linen is as absorbent as absorsa! It is one of the most absorbent fabric you’ll wear as casuals for work. Linen apparels are the boss of flimsy tonic this year. Made from flax seeds, it is extremely durable and could be moulded into many varieties. One of the best breathable options in the scorching heat outside that tends to attack your skin the most. Choose wise, peeps!

We could swear by Lyocell Rayon

It is a form of rayon that has a production which is more sustainable and environment friendly. Compared to any other rayon fabrics, lyocell uses very less bleach in its production. It is made from the regenerated cellulose of the wood pulp industrially processed. Now you have a rayon that will help your breathe well and blurt confidence from pores. The fabric is extremely soft and flowy- the flow of supple!

The Blast of Bast


It is one of the popular product with high tensile strength. The fabric tends to soften after the first wash and is extremely dependable in the rigor outside. Clothes made from bast fibers tend to delve into the category of the cool and boho styles that give you a statement in that fashionista group of yours. Jute is used to produce a variety of products that range from furnishings to accessorizing as well. Coconut fibers are most in demand for the durable need of your home! Hemp IS also a seeming bast fiber product and you will find a variety of fabrics produced from natural bast fibers.

Cheat tip: Pair a hemp off white top with long pastel palazzo of the blue house; don’t forget to add the junk silver jewellery from your wardrobe with your shiny braids falling straight- Look like a dream!

We can now safely derive the saying- Look your best in a sustainable hemline!

Opt for an organic option next time you shop- for yes, you are a definite cool person and you do your bit to save our environment 🙂

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