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Evergreen Denim – The all in one Clothing for Women

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Initially created as a sturdy outfit textile for the workers, Denim managed to achieve the top spot in the fashion statements list for years now. It’s rare to see an apparel store with no form of Denim in it. Whether it’s the designers or the sellers or the buyers, the entire fashion ecosystem has been fascinated with this textile and continues to be. Indeed, Denim can be called evergreen as it never seems to go out of fashion and keeps coming back in some or other avatar be it jeans, shirts, skirts, shorts or even bags. Not only the jeans brands but most of the other brands of various types of clothing also uses Denim for sure; that’s how popular this textile is. Be it in the 90s or the current times, the popularity of Denims remains unchallenged, and it continues to be in vogue all the time.

“Jeans represent democracy in fashion.”-Giorgio Armani

Denim, found originally in blue colour which was the result of the interweaving of indigo (blue) and the white threads. Along with it the coloured denim, known as Bull Denim also existed. In the earlier days, Denim was used to make blue jeans for workers with tough work conditions and schedules like farmers, ranchers, railroad workers, miners, etc. Jeans then were not made fashionable but more sturdy to accommodate the lifestyle of these people. However with continuous changes and upgrades in fashion in Western cultures, Denim soon flourished to become one of the most comfortable yet stylish ensembles. In today’s scenario as well, Denim continues to enjoy an unwavering and ever multiplying fan-following. Every individual is talking about it and every second person can be seen wearing one.

Jeans have always been the subject of fashion’s highest praise. Yves Saint Laurent famously quoted “I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.” Another style icon Andy Warhol mentioned, “I want to die with my blue jeans on”. However today Denim is not only restricted to a pair of Blue Jeans but has gone way beyond especially in Women’s fashion. A girl today has so many different ways to don a Denim- Full-length Jeans, Ankle-Length Jeans, Cropped Jeans, Capris, Shorts, Overalls/Jump Suits, One- Piece Dress, Half Jacket, Full Jacket, Cut-sleeves Shirt, Full- sleeves Shirt, Denim Skirt, etc. Even the accessories like bags, shoes, etc.

A denim top paired with leggings

An all-denim ensemble – an eye catchy fashion statement

Denim is a versatile piece of clothing, and an absolute must-have in anyone’s wardrobe be it men or women. Particularly for women, there are so many ways to create a new look with various denim outfits. You can pair your jeans with a tee and sneakers for your casual look or wear denim shorts with an off shoulder top, ankle boots and sling bags to create a stylish look. You can put on a denim dress with gladiator sandals and light jewellery and you are dressed to perfection for a lunch date – simple yet classy. Experiment with various accessories to change the look like pair it with sneakers or slip-on for a daytime casual look or pair it with chappals or tie up sandals for the boho look. The options are plenty, and you will never be bored of it.

A casual daytime look with Denim half jackets paired with shorts

This fall is witnessing a big selection of various silhouettes in Denim – from originals to runway styles with washes and treatments, absolutely drool-worthy. The 70s inspired flare jean continues to be a hot favourite where as skinny jean also makes to this fall’s list with new washes and delicate details. Patch-works, embroideries and some other surface techniques are in also in vogue this season. Patch -work create a playful yet out of the box kind of look where as embroideries especially floral ones help to create a style statement that is dainty and feminine. Leading online shopping portal The Vanca has a lot of fabulous styles available in patch works and embroideries with laces and other embellishments in their Denim range for named Blues. Some other patterns like Wide-Leg Denim, Undone-Hem Jeans, Kick-Flare Jeans and Colourblock/Two-Toned Jeans are also hot favourites this fall.

Dark Wash Denim Detailed with Colourful Crests On Right
by Blues from The Vanca.

Dark Blue Wash Denim Shorts with Embroidery by Blues from The Vanca.

Blue Shorts with White Lacework at bottom by Blues from The Vanca

So here is a durable twill-woven fabric with the coloured wrap and the white filling threads in its authentic avatar and also available in many different colours these days. Denim is easy to wear, easy to care for and will serve you lifelong if you let it. So, check out The Vanca here and land yourself that jazzy denim you always wanted.

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