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The Indian Fashion touch in the Western Fashion World

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India has an immense creative side when it comes to fashion. Indian fashion stalwarts like Sabyasachi, Anita Dongre, Ritu Kumar are all influenced in some way or the other by our culture and nature practices. The folk prints from India have rampaged across the global market with acceptance and appearance.

Let us check out the major touch ups from India that have influenced the global fashion today!

Indian Red hue and heavy make-up


Heavy make up with equal definitions to the eyes and lips are variants of Indian Make up tradition owing to the skin texture and the climate here that reflects the colorful shimmer with a ferocious double. In recent years, the West has picked upon the trend gradually and the bright red lipstick is a must stick now!

The Indian Fashion Trend- Floral!

Sabyasachi, the biggest fashion name for the Indian fashion and culture has brought out his best- the Spring Floral Fashion Collection! After it was announced that floral is the print of the season, the fashion research suggested that Indian fashion culture is adorned with floral fashion- an apt pick for the Western brands. Deriving a theoretical understanding from the picks and lacing it with western ideas is the new trend.

Pheran Shift Dresses- A gift from Kashmir!

The Kashmir print and design of the clothing is the new nerd fashion trend. Look closely, the over sized kurta with trousers adorned with balanced color variations or prints are the recent joy for people of comfort! The Western fashion trend this year deems to comfort. A very balanced global fashion is appreciated and retrieved from the basic Kashmir folk culture.

The Long Indian Tradition of Wrap Around


Wrap Arounds are a basic skirt version of the Sari. It is comfortable to wear and immensely stylish to flaunt about. North East India has a long history of fashionable wrap around skirts and Mekhala Chadar. The recent hit in the West is a tradition in India!

The Indi-Fusion Wear

The custom of fusion wear goes both sides, it is a popular fashion choice in India too! A conjoint of western outfit with either folk prints or vice versa is in popular demand today. Heavy accessorizing is also a big Indian Fashion Revolution ladies!

The Indian Folk prints


The diversity of the Indian Culture makes it possible for a variety of prints in the fashion world. There is a range to pick from- from Chanderi, Madhubani, Block and many other popular prints available. The Western designers have picked up a fusion of this diversity and have come up with bright hues and big Indian prints. The big floral Pheran prints from Kashmir and abstract contemporary designs are very much in trend.

Mid Part hair with indigo prints- the Indian enigma!


The most in demand and in accuracy with the summer style and nature- The Indigo Print is the new market favorite! The very subtle prints of nature or mandala designs have their origins in India. It has gathered momentum in the name of the Indian classic! Adorned with a ravishing indigo print apparel and minimalism with basic mid part or braided hair is the Indian picture of calm fashion that the West is loving today!

Know your roots of fashion, they come from within you!

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