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Make your fashion lingo perfect!

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When you speak, speak in the tone of knowledge!

To help with your fashion lingo, here is a very basic list of what you need to say when.



The puffy waist hugging jacket that has taken over the streets for this entire winters. Bomber jackets are military style flight jackets. These are short jackets are elasticated at the waist and cuffs. It typically has a zip front and is the new cry in the market. Bomber Jackets with bell bottoms or tights are the new buzz in fashion lingo!


Cut Paste Cut Paste! This is exactly what Applique means. Cutting a design base in different shapes and putting it over the base fabric.  Applique clothing by definition has two sets of layers, one for the decoration of the other. Mostly it is sewn into the fabric but it could be stuck as well. Quilts are generally made by Applique patterns.


Peplum is the cute sister of basque. It is more refined, flared and tidy in hems. A ruffled section in the construction of a jacket or blouse which is not far from the waistline. Peplums could be attached in many ways, it can be sewn to the bodice, cut in from within or may just be a section attached to the waist.


Raglan sleeves are one of the coolest sleeves available in the market today. The design construction originated when a British General in the Crimean War, Lord Raglan- he had coats with this sleeve constructed for himself after he lost an arm in the charge of the light Brigade in 1854. Raglan sleeves t-shirt’s combination with denim is one of the most agreed to casual look out there!


Hems are the lower edge of any garment which is sewn to cover the cut out edge. There are many kinds of hems- plain hems are turned up and sewn into place; rolled hem is mostly used in delicate fabrics and rolled up manually into narrow hems which is then sewn in raw hand stitches. There are faced hem- it is finished with a piece of fabric sewn to bottom of the garment edge and then turned up to the underside and sewn into place.


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