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Rock that Bare Shoulder Cold Look!

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Cold Shoulder is one of those never-going-away trend that rests for some years only to come back with newness and awesome designs. Hillary Clinton be rocking that Cold Shoulder dress since 1993 official White House gals! But that is a more classy outreach of the bare shoulder, today we need it to be crazy and elegant at the same time. Frills and lace cold shoulder  dresses at clubs and parties or the Sofia Vergara elegance in the Golden Globe- Cold Shoulders apparels can rock any lazy or important event in your life with a brisk of fashion sense. NYFW has declared it to be the street fashion for Fall this year and thus lets roll with the trend babies!

Let’s look into how can you sweep the eyes of the onlookers with a cold shoulder!

Cold Shoulder Classic

The best part about a cold shoulder, cut shoulder and off shoulder apparels is that you can mould fashion in your own terms. Give yourself a classy look with a body con cold shoulder top with an ankle length umbrella wrap around, hitch in high heels and you are good to go love! You will also gaze upon those eye-striking black evening gowns, in cold shoulders.

Cold Shoulder lace it up Boho


Oh it will be a trend bash- Ultra fashionable! Combine a cool color high neck cold or off shoulder top with skinny jeans or a short skirt (depends on that held high mood of yours!) and rock it with junk and boho accessories. You will be the icon of the streets in this scorching summer. Don’t forget to tag up your best sunglasses and a straw hat perhaps. I am already loving it!

The shift and swing look   


A dress for all your woes and summers. Single toned and available in pastel colors, the cold shoulder shift dress is raging up the fashion street by hooks. Complete the look with color coordinated moccasins or those out-of-the-world dockside shoes from Vans. The best part about baring your shoulder is that it already takes you way ahead in trends, adding glamour to it enhances your spirit and followers even better!

Unrestricted innumerable choices   


Dresses, tops, shirts, ponchos and what not! When I say it is raging the streets, I so totally mean it. And the perfection is that you don’t really have to create a lot of hassle over its styling. You rock it with accessories and you create spots of fashion without the accessories as well. Just carry that natural confidence you soak in and don’t forget the usual deck up!

Be a part of the Fall trend


The Fashion stalwarts have spoken, this is the trend that is here to say. From celebrity rushes and talk shows, to award function and series- Cold Shoulder tops, cut shoulder and off shoulder apparels have taken up the entire casual unit this summer. What are you waiting for, be a part of this magic no-work trendista!

An all rounder for your lazy afternoons


As the fashion specialists have stated, the bare shoulder look is one of those perfect matches that are in good going with all body sizes. Anybody can easily rock the look without having a second thought about that bulge in your forearm or around your belly (not that this is an aspiring reason, you will rock any fashion desire your seek!). Also, you don’t have to sit and think a night before to brainstorm over what are you wearing for outdoors tomorrow. It’s a laze bliss!

Cheat Tip: A maroon body con top with neck raise could be paired with side slit ankle length black skirt; pair it up with large danglers and a top notch bun. Choose leather mules to complete the look of the evening!


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