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Shopping for Valentine Gifts – Dilemma & Delight!

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Its that time of the year when the weather is pleasant, the atmosphere is soothing, and love is in the air. Yes, it is the Valentine month, and we are sure we all are set to celebrate the Valentine’s day with our loved ones.

We all always want to celebrate the day of love in a special way and want to make our loved one feel special in every way. We also make a lot of plans to make every Valentine’s Day memorable.

One of the most important part (and tedious part, for some) of Valentine’s day celebration is the perfect gift for our loved one. Deciding on and finding the right gift is always a task for everyone no matter how well you know your partner and whether you know/ don’t know what they want. We always want to ensure that we select the perfect gift for our special person that will delight them and something that they will always cherish.

We do understand your dilemma about shopping for Valentine’s day gift. So here we are to help you with your dilemma. Check out the lists below for some of the things you can gift your loved one this Valentine’s Day and make the day memorable.

Gifts for men:

Most of us girls are generally shopaholic and always aware of the latest trends. However, when it comes to shopping for men, we somehow tend to always get confused and can never make up our mind on what exactly to buy. Here are some options for you that can be good gifts for your special guy.

1. Wallet/ Handbag

A simple wallet or handbag (for those who do use one), will never be a wrong choice when it comes to gifting your guy. To make it special, you can add a personalised touch to these by maybe carving their name, message, etc. on it.

2. Perfume

As much as women, men too like to smell good. They love perfumes equally as we do. Why not get your guy the perfume that he always wanted. Remember to opt for the musky and woody fragrances.

3. Watch

A good watch is always adored by the men. They will anytime love the idea of getting a nice watch as a gift. Also, these days you get so much variety in watches that you can surely find one that fits your choice as well as your budget.

4. Grooming/ shaving kit

Grooming is as important a task for men as for women. They all do like to be well-groomed overtime. Also, taking care of and maintaining facial hair is always difficult for men. A nice grooming kit or shaving kit will always be handy for them to keep themselves look snazzy always.

5. Accessories

There are a lot of accessories that men use too. These also make for an amazing gift for your special man. Some of the things you can buy are cufflinks, tie, sunglasses, belts. If you buy cufflinks, you can also get them personalised for your special man. Believe it or not, he is surely going to love these accessories as a valentine’s day gift.

6. Camera and its accessories

If your man is someone who likes taking pictures, nothing can be a batter gift for him than a good camera. If your guy already owns a camera, you need not worry. There are a lot of camera accessories that you easily get these days which also can be great as a gift for the valentine’s day. You have options like the camera lens with different effects, camera bags in various designs, camera stand, photo editing tools, etc. Don’t you think your special man is going to love these as a gift?

7. Gadgets and games

If your man is a gadget-freak or tech-savvy, you have a plethora of choices that you can get for him to celebrate the day of love. Playstations, headphones, speakers, car accessories, accessories for laptops and many more things are available in the stores that your tech-savvy man is sure to love.

8. Clothes

Last but not the least, just like us women, men too love to get new clothes. You can opt for some designer wear pieces for your special guy to make the valentine’s day gift even more special. If not, even the other ones would do. Just remember to buy something that you know he will like and wear. Just like us, they too have choices and are particular about the kind of clothes they wear.

Gifts for women:

We totally understand your dilemma and worry when you have to shop for a gift for your lady love. While people always say that there are so many things that you can buy for girls, we know how difficult it gets for you guys to figure out a perfect valentine’s day gift for your girl. Here are some of the options we have curated to assist you with your valentine’s day gift shopping.

1. Clothes

Have you even seen any girl say that she has enough clothes with her? No right? Clothes are something that you can gift your girl anytime, and she is always gonna love you for that. You can give her a nice dress or a few tops that she can use everyday. If you want to make it very special, try and give her of her favourite designer wear pieces. You have no clue how much she is going to love your thoughtfulness for this gift.

2. Bag

A good designer bag or wallet can make for a really good gift for your girl. She will cherish this for her life and is sure to love it.

3. Jewellery

All women have a special connect with jewellery. Gifting a neckpiece, bracelet, earrings, etc. can never be wrong for your lady love. If you are someone who is planning to propose your lady love, a nice ring with your proposal is something that every girl dreams about. This can be the most special gift for your special lady.

4. Makeup

Which girl doesn’t like doing makeup? Yes, you guessed it right. Buy the latest makeup products for your girl, and you can never disappoint her for your choice of gift. If you find it really difficult to buy the makeup products, you can even opt for a gift card from her favourite makeup brand.

5. Perfume

Women love perfumes a lot. The latest perfume or one from her favourite brand can be one of the best gifts you can give her for valentine’s day. You can also opt for the perfume sets that you get these days. These sets generally have a perfume, deodorant and a scented lotion.

6. Diary and stationery

If your special lady loves writing or is fond of stationery, gifting her a nice diary and a lot of cool stationery is sure to delight her. Cookbooks are also a great option if she enjoys cooking.

Unisex gifts:

Apart from the above gifts, there are certain things that can be gifted to either men or women or for both. Here’s what we suggest.

1. Mini vacation

Spending some special time with your loved one is never a bad idea. Also, giving each other your precious time is something that everyone cherishes. Plan a mini vacation this valentine’s day and celebrate the day of love with each other.

2. Dinner date

For those of you who cannot manage to go for a vacation, a dinner date is a good idea too. Make it a point to spend some quality time with each other which is the biggest gift you can give to anyone. Also, if you go to your favourite restaurant, you get the added benefit of eating your favourite food too.

3. Couple spa

In today’s hectic times, a peaceful and relaxing time at a spa with your loved one can feel really special. Also, your partner will always cherish the experience for their lifetime.

Hope you found these ideas helpful. We are sure you are all set to get the perfect gift for your loved one this valentine’s day and will make this day a memorable one for your special someone.

Have a special valentine’s day. May your love always shine and grow stronger and stronger. Happy Valentine’s day!

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