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Collars of Sorts- 7 timeless Collar Designs!

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There is a hustle of fashion in the season- with so many designs and style availability, there arises a confusion of sorts. The happy collar styles are a major demand in the market for all seasons. They give you a semi formal, formal and a confident look in their various categories. Today we uncover the slight understanding of different types of collar we can flaunt this season.

      Green Bertha Modern Top                                                                 Green Bow Abstract Top

Bertha Collar- The Victorian Style

The brilliant Bertha Collar is a boon from the Victorian Era, most of the famous gowns from the era comes with the same collar in different textures. The modern day Bertha Collar always has a surprise element of creativity, comes in cold shoulder, off shoulder and tie up collars. Embellish your clothes with collars of Bertha this festive season.

The Peppy Bow Collar

Bow collars are a famous category to choose fro. There are different styles and types available. The Collars come in detachable variety too. Bow collar adds definition to any sort of top and gives you a very chunky and peppy look. The naughty Bow is amongst the favorite styles for women of many generations!

Collars of Semi and Formal- Mandarin Collar

Nautical Calm Mandarin Collar Top

The benefit of such collar is that you can choose it in formals as well as casual dresses or tops. The slight high raised collars from the neckline stripped in the mid comes from the Kimono Dress style of the East. The beautiful uncommon designs make it a popular choice!  

 Jabot and Mandarin- A hybrid Man-bot Collar

The new Jabot Mandarin Peach Collar

Who doesn’t love Jabot Collars? In absolute love with the lacey twist and turn, ain’t it! But it goes a little too much for casual occasions. So we bring forth a much usable mix of modified Jabot and Mandarin Collar, we call it Man-Bot Collar. You can elongate the lace strip to give it a stretched mandarin look as well as tighten it to give a twisted Jabot Look, buy and look for yourself a style statement!

The Turtleneck Peach Bliss                                             Peter Pan Magenta Dress

Collars of Efficiency- Turtleneck

Turtleneck Collar is awesome, savvy? The brick of efficiency that they portray is recognized worldwide, it becomes even more amazing when it is made of lace. Turtleneck collars are high raise collars with patterned pleats, they give you a slight formal confident look in any event or casual occasions too!

The Dreamy Peter Pan Collar

Slightly rounded at the ends and slit in the middle stitched till the neckline is the definition of Peter Pan Collar, inspired from the famous fantasy character Peter Pan. It gives you a semi formal look like the Mandarin collar and adds a hint of classic chic in your dress of choice. Adapt to the popularity!

Straight Collar 


Straight Collared Denim bloom dress

This style needs no description! The most popular and sought for collar design- A V-cut style collar can be modified and accessorized in many ways, you can use junk neck piece to add definition to your dress after tucking up the top button. Give it an eventful look by choosing a embellished collar. Use your imagination to the fullest with this most basic Collar style!


Thus we see different Collar styles to choose from! Pick the best Collar design for each event and brim with collared confidence. Add your best statement junk jewelries to add a spark of creativity in these already awesome designs!

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