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The Vanca Girl -7 Amazing Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

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Hi girls! The Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and it is time to decide how are you going to celebrate your special day this year. While many of us might be celebrating this day for the first time, there are many who have been celebrating it for years. Whichever be your case, here are 7 amazing ways to celebrate your Valentine’s day this year!

1.A Dinner Date: An all time classic! A setting for two, reserved in an elegant speciality restaurant, Elton John playing in the background, lending a subtle romantic mood to the room, your valentine dressed to the occasion, in Black & White Tuxedo and you in a classic red gown, is a perfect picture for Valentine evening, specially for those who had the time to plan their Valentine in advance.

2.A Coffee Date: Early in a relationship, you want to make your valentine less formal and for casual and fun, then a coffee date makes a lot of sense. Not only it is a slightly non-expensive way of celebrating your valentine, it helps you take the pressure of Valentine planning off your head. Just go with a Casual Valentine Gift, like Chocolates or a romantic novel, that compliments your casual valentine date perfectly. It also makes a lot of sense for those who are meeting for the first time!

3. A Movie & Shopping Date: What might sound like a very busy idea to many of us, it makes the perfect date for the shopaholic and the movie-buffs, which many of us are. In the era of online shopping and Netflix, even mall-hopping and watching a movie in a movie theatre, has become like a rare experience, and valentine’s day is a great occasion to combine the two into a date, where you start your day with shopping and end your date with a movie. And to add to it all-it also saves you time trouble of shopping for the Valentine gift in advance.

4. A Picnic Date: It is spring, flowers are blooming, temperature is just right to be able to loose the winter wear and sport the summer dresses, together they set the stage for an ultra romantic Valentine’s day with the lap of the Nature. So if you are the nature lover types and like to spend the day out, then take your city guide out and shortlist the places where you could spend one such Valentine!

5. A Home Date: Yes, you have been here many times before and held many parties here, but have you arranged your very own home for Valentine’s day Ever, if not, then it is a must try! But you must take few steps, in order to plan it perfectly. You will have to make sure that there are only two of you at home. Set a decorative theme for the evening, which could be a classic theme of roses and candles and balloons or a new theme according to your taste, shortlist your music for the day in advance, and you could add a personal touch by preparing a home cooked speciality recipe for your Valentine! Remember it is special only if you plan it.

6. A Destination Date: Always planned in advance, sometimes a year or so, but if you can you must leave your city and your work and other obligations behind and set off with your Valentine for a Vacation for a week, within the country or outside! One such Valentine experience can leave a very long lasting impact on your love life.

7. A Date With Your Best Gals: Girls! times have changed and your Valentine does not necessarily feature a man! If you don’t have a date this year or you chose not to have one, you must try road trip with your girl friends! Trust me! This experience can be more fulfilling than many Valentines ever!

So girls, go ahead, plan your valentine in any of the above ways or plan something entirely new. Also, while you are at it, check out The Vanca Valentine Collection. Click here! Share Your Valentine Selfies in a TheVanca Dress with #thevancagirl, on Instagram or Facebook and if I like it, you win your next TheVanca Dress.

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