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5 Denim Trends you should be aware of, this Summer

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As I have repeatedly mentioned, denim trends never really go away. However, if you want to be in the style books, you should very well move beyond just jeans. For your own good, we did an extensive research on runway visuals and we are here with extensive details about and of denim. Blue is hovering in the streets with rampant impact, everybody’s wardrobe is adorned with jeans. The idea is to wear it with style. For the style impact, read on!



Patchwork is the one of the new denim trends on the streets these days. The flaunt and flick of Gigi Hadid in the raging trend of patchwork, the quirky patches at the Vogue Runway and the casuals adorned with chic patches with neon colors are on and in for the summer. Denim cool will save you from the summer heat and the baggy jacket, or boot cut jeans will make you look even more stylish.

Tip: Try a slim spaghetti cream top with a blue baggy denim jacket with as many patch works as you want. Let the shoulder fall on one side and make your hair straight with a black choker to complete the look. Look awesome!

Plain in Denim Trends


By Plain Jeans, I mean the rugged nature of the blue. You can try rugged denim as boot cut jeans or culottes. Denim culottes are raging in totally. You can try a slim fit top with flowy sleeves and plain culottes. Denim Trends are on, wear a denim jacket with patchwork too to feel more confident on an awesome style. Plain denim is the new rage in 2018!

Denim Maxi

I am not talking about the closed neck Maxi Dress that was a rage last year. This year, as global warming precedes us go for more light and openness! Plain and Patched both works in case of Denim Maxi, you can totally belt an overflowed Maxi and pair it with gladiators.

Tip: Find  our Maxi Dress, pair it with a gladiator sandals and pop it up with a choker. Match it with a leather belt. Do not forget to take your fiery round glasses and a hat of full face shade.

Denim Trends speak Casual Dress

Blue Casual Dress is the best bet this summer. Get in groove with short denim dresses, check out more options here! You can pair your denim dress with leather sandals or summer boots. Try and get a professional look with the Casual Dress. You can chime it up with a belt and leave the belt gasp untidy. Indulge in mixing shades of blue and green while accessorizing. Yellow and orange go great with blue too.


Jumpsuits haven’t left us people, they have come back with a bash. Jumpsuits in denim trends with lousy patches and light clothing does good. Jumpsuits of good sleeves make you stylish and give you a new look. Make it cold shoulder or make it frilly sleeved.

Tip: A plain jumpsuit with pocket styles, hair in a bun, big glasses and high heels will make your look just amazing!

A style tip for all the lovelies out there, go for the nerdy look and use slim rim glasses!

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