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5 things to know about Capsule Wardrobe

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This is the age of workaholics, this is where they reign. Capsule Wardrobe is the new trend of ‘less is more’. Have all that you need and pick wisely to avoid clutter is the mantra of all those busy bodies out there, ain’t it? But however easy it may seem to get less, it is not. It is like curbing one of the acquired and much sought for basic need- the need to shop, shop some more and then shop again!

Learn about the basics

What is a Capsule Wardrobe? A encapsulated form of a wardrobe, opposite of what you have right now, of course! Minimal is in trend and minimizing your wardrobe with a careful understanding of your lifestyle will help reduce stress, saves time and reduces clutter. Your apparel choice should depend on what you do more, if you are an office going person- neutral is your first priority. If you are a college diva, well that answers your clutter- but play it safe. Have choices that contrast and go with more than two clothing. Black trouser, blue jeans, neutral hued blouse, a couple of t-shirts to begin with.

Essentials are absolutely essential

Essentials would mean having regular, statement and chic pieces in your wardrobe. You need t have statement dresses for those party times and gig nights. Go for a pleated flared skirt if you have a flare for it. A pleated skirt will go good for regular outings when paired with a neutral hue of grey, rose, charcoal and others. The same skirt will blossom your evenings when paired with a balloon sleeve deep cut blouse and a good pair of pumps. You get the idea?

Have your colors coordinated

If you are looking for lessening the clutter, you will have to have essentials in both top and bottom wear. Go for regular hues like black, navy blue, charcoal and trimmed colors when choosing for bottom wear. Have 2-3 pairs of regular t-shirts, blouse tops, kurta and a few stylish designs of peplum, sequins and others according to what designs you love. Color coordination helps you having more than just one pair of outfit making your capsule wardrobe more sustained and used effectively.

Know your requirements

This is the first must! You need to choose according to your lifestyle and design love. There is no point having a ton of party dresses when you aren’t much of a social person but you love to shop. It is wiser to have more of what you use regularly rather than picking up everything that you like. There are n number of designers working for that best outfit, there will always be more and more choices, but to cut down on a rush shopping is what you require.

Know yourself first

Yes, that! What do you love to wear? What is it exactly that you would definitely want in your collection. Sort it out. Shopping is a task as any other work. A careful scrutiny of your list is always beneficial. This does not in any way mean that you have to stop your cheat buys all together. You can have your cheat-picks but it all comes with a line of limit. Confirm to your requirements and opt for a capsule wardrobe to have more time for your self and less stress in the mornings.

This is more than an advice, capsule wardrobe is the requirement of today. Adopt it for a better, less stressful and controlled self!

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