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5 ways to style in athleisure smart-wear this winter

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Love athleisure? Unsure if it ranges in winters too? Well, the answer is a big yes! The combination aesthetic of athleisure gets it an added appreciation. You can get into athleisure smart-wear and pull off the amazing trends. I would rather say, there is enough and apt space for building trends! Let us know more about styling in athleisure.

Contrast baggy and super fit

This contrast is my favorite contrast. It makes you look chic and implores comfort too! Put on a baggy woolen over-sized sweatshirt or sweater and pair it with slim leggings pants or slim fit joggers. Pick your colors very thoughtfully, with athleisure there is a very fine line of what you can wear and what would be too ornate and eye-stinging. My favorite color blocks go as khaki, faded green and all forms of faded blue paired with grey or black. This combination of plush colors never go out of style!

Winter is the time to indulge in colors

In contrast to the above-made point, let me also add that winters are times of taking out your solid colors. IF you want to play with colors, play it safe. Black is your eternal companion in pairing up winter styles. If you pick baggy in colors, choose fit in neutral that compliments the former hue. This is important, nobody wants to look like a comic spill of colors. Nothing is a no in fashion and styling if certain rules of aesthetics are kept in mind!

Neutral Classic smart-wear

As the name suggest, neutral classics are very classic site for athleisure styling. In neutral hue and classic non-detailed designs, athleisure are at their best when picked from classic. By classic I mean regular track pants, zip up trousers, leather culottes, paired with a flimsy top maybe or plain white/off-white crop top, a grey rose hoodie or anything you lay your hands on that is enough sporty and neutral in color.

Rocking Parties in Track Pants

Sounds a little weird, does it? But to all those comfort loving category out there, this is the best gift of athleisure. The new in the market track pants that have bottom up buttons or zips look extremely fashionable and just correct if paired right. You can opt for a shimmer/sequined dark color top paired with a high rise bottom zip track trouser. Put up your unconventional shoe/boots/heels. Make it as customized as you would like to, but do not over do it.

Zip and details

The new range of athleisure smart-wear products that have taken the market by fire are these amazing zipped up trousers. Active Wear that has a blend of two colors, a dark base and symmetrical patterns of other lighter hue are very much in trend these days. A long wide side stretch of a different color on black and grey is very much advised for. 

Use your styling sense when you pick colors. It is very important that you do not over do or overlap designs and you are good to go! 



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