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7 Fashion Bans This Summer!

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The heat is around the corner and it is quintessential that we take a deep peep in our wardrobe. You might just love something that shines your shopping expertise, but it might just not be the right time to embellish the yellow outside. Summer is all ready to set fire; It’s in our part to make the bright more intriguing and stark. A big NO leads to a better YES!

 1) A Big NO to tighty tight! Go Anti-fit!

Let the models pull off those lovely tight dresses! You should take your chances with comfort, this cool boho maxi dress paired with canvas sneakers. See here.

It is totally understandable that you grace that little dress with the flaunting curves that you are proud of, but wearing a smaller size in the summers would only discomfort you and create painstake in your problematic and sensitive areas. Look for bright hues and amazing unconventional prints instead. Go Anti-fit girls, the Fashion turns are comfortable this year!


2) Drop those animal prints for now, Go find your print of love!


For the season, just try and let go of your chic gold and brown animal prints. It only makes the street feel more hotter. And if you still cannot flair beyond the love of hide print, just stick to more cooler hues like white and black. Leopard and zebra stripes would be perfect this summer. Also, try accessorising in animal prints instead of going for a full flair dress to give a more contrasting picture of assemble! Get Floral love, nature is at play this fashion season. Get on and Get Quirky with your statement, you got to get floral rust this time.


3) Just say NO to thick material clothing. Choose comfort over that glaze. Look here!

No, we are not trying to take your ambitions away; we are trying to keep you awesome with no skin ailments burning your edge. Thick clothing materials like Leather and suede are ritzy, yes; comfortable, oh mia yes! But, they can really create sweat blocks on the tight areas and lead to rashes and other discomforts. Give your skin and self the love it deserves, Go Organic. Find clothing materials that soothe your skin from the desperate attack of the heat.Leave your thick sass for the cooler times, love!


4) Choose that flimsy carefully

Take that flimsy white top, add a heavy junk jewellery piece and move with zag!

Summers give you amazing glow, dunn it? However, most of that glow is cheat and sweat and it is pan-body. Flimsy materials are big this year but you should make sure that you are well tucked to flaunt your a la mode figure. Nobody would want to be a victim of cameltoe, yes? But once you are spot on with your apparel ,make sure to add definition with heavy jewellery (Junk is In by the way!).


5) Frills are in, flappers are not!

The frill of desire. The Spring fashion trends 2017 had a clear baseline of frills and what fantastic contemporary evocation! Try and carry that frill with the buzz of confidence. But do avoid the frou frou Flapper you bought last summer. It is unwelcoming for the season and its oudoor nights. So frill up the night vista!

6) Know the casualty for too casual, Know your casual pick!

You will be tagged laid back and sidekick-of-fashion. Nobody wants that, do they? Know your lines of being cool and being discomfitingly cool. Nobody would like to look at that too much reveal you garner at the office and god forbid those croptop-lowrise-flipflops trio attack! To have the statement for yourself, contrast between light and heavy in the topwear and shorts.


7)Don’t Clutter it up ! Balance it out!

Be a self cult in accessorisingSummer brims our mind with heat and some more of it. You don’t want to be the clutter beetle of the season, do you? It is advisable not to clutter your getup with all the accessories that you own or your instincts approve of. But then once you get intuitive about those chains and buzz, go for it like a pro and balance any sort of jewel chunk with a basic make up trick. Also, your best bet is to balance your accessories according to the prints that you choose to wear and limit them to three for that Boho look you have been endearing for. 



Styling Tip: Perhaps, Wear your denim bermuda shorts with a stark white peasant top, accentuating it with grey oxfords, ah yes don’t forget to draw sneak-a-peak retro sunglasses and a faux leather sling bag!

Go wild with colors this heat over!

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