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7 signs to lookout for, for a positive body image

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Positive Body Image is all about your comfort and outlook towards yourself. The positive you is reflected in your personality and this is what and how the world looks at you. So the first priority in reaching a happy state would be to take care of yourself. Look like you have an internal understanding with your own self and a balance of harmony has been struck. Introspection and meditation are the basic keys of reaching there, I must tell you that!

You are a brim of confidence


That means the necessary confidence, you shouldn’t clutter your confidence with unnecessary whims and fancies for sure! Be a confident delight who is sure about her own self and keeps a track of her own self. Pick out clothes that define you as whatever you want to be and something you always are comfortable with. It is an easy show, the inner you so take care of the inner you!

You indulge in breaking rules every now and then

There are certain laid rules when it comes to outlook and fashion. Be audacious about your beliefs with your clothing drama. Yes, that’s the best kind! Break certain rules of life and fashion for just the fun of it and take pride in it. But like life, fashion too has a boundary of acceptance, do know of ’em! You wouldn’t want a hedgehog hat for a casual evening event!

The grey-black duo of confidence

The positive you reflects from your wardrobe

I say, diversity in your wardrobe suggests the many styles you know of and the many positive attachments you have from them. Make sure your choices are taken care of because cleanliness and tidy is what is appreciated at all fronts. You have to be sure of yourself first to enjoy the full face of any gathering. In your own private space, your monologue should be positive with your own space. That is how positive body image retains its passion!

You wake up to a happy you, mind and body 

The peach blooms of your mornings!                                   The blues of positivity!

Yes, your mornings define your daybasically! You should know that you are in a definite happy state if you wake up fresh every morning with enough energy to work out the entire day. Tiring mornings are a sign of something wrong, get it worked out quick. You must wake in an awe of your own self, no? Much? Okay. Just wake happy!

Worried about the numbers? No.

You should be sure and above one thing- that is your weight! Being healthy is important, that goal weight for a coiled waist is not. You should be casual about the fact that we gain and lose weight all the time and you can always work on it. If you are obsessed with how you look at the edges, umm you need to relax! You body shouldn’t be slaved to any requisite of yours, it has to be balanced. Be happy for who you are, maybe that’s the key!

You have a thick skin when it comes to fashion, maybe!

Urgh yes! Haters gonna hate, love you should smile in past it with the upper hand, yes. Be audacious as I said before but only if you are comfortable with it. A trend is picked every now and then because of experimental fashion. If you think you have a knack for it, go for it! Your positive body image ain’t coming from picking criticisms, it comes from the dare and acceptance of it!

Positive You, Positive Image Collateral

It all comes down to health and the perfect balance between mind-body dualism. You have got to be happy if you want a positive reflection of your own self around. Wear with pride and indulgence. You should pick and have choices in accordance to what you like and not how you look so. But then again, as I told you, it is okay to goal a certain special event but retain the limits of obsession.


Positive Body Image is about you and just you, not how they look at you or how the other perceptions work. You have to be exact on yourself with everything under control. They say diva of her own self!



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