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7 tips to keep your digital print women tops as fresh as new

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Digital prints women tops  is the most happening trend of the year and every fashion forward girl has at least a couple of them in her wardrobe. This piece of clothing has a very trendy appeal to it and could be one of the most versatile items in your closet. Pair it with your favorite denims or a simple skirt and you can flaunt your boho appeal and sense of uniqueness. Every design printed on these tees is a story in itself and tells a lot about the personality of the wearer. It also reflects your moods and dreams and can actually make you feel deeply connected to your inner self. This is the reason most girls have an emotional connect with these tops and want them to last forever. Since, digital prints women tops are made with special printing dyes, they need extra care to make the print and the brightness last longer. We have put together some tips that will help you keep your printed tops look as bright as new for a long time.

Wash Inside out

Always wash this piece of clothing inside out to avoid any kind of friction that might wear away the print or the brightness of the colors. Avoid machine wash and go for washing by hand to keep your top new for longer period.

Use cold water

Never use hot water to clean the printed tops for girls as it can fade the design you so love. Using cold water will keep the print intact and you can wear your mood along with your top for years to come.

Soak for short duration

Soaking for long duration gives the chemicals from your washing powder a longer time to react with the printed tees. This can break the chemical bonding of the dyes used for printing and as a result the colors would come out from places. To avoid this never soak your tees for more than 10-15 minutes.

Avoid brushing too hard

It is always advisable to clean your clothes at regular intervals instead of wearing them 4-5 times and then brushing hard to clean it. Vigorous brushing can damage your collection of printed tees and other tops for girls. Even if you have to brush your tees, always use very gentle pressure. However, if there is a stain, do not try to remove it in one wash. Wash frequently and try to remove the stain gently over multiple washes.

Never use harsh chemicals

Although much advertised and promising to make your clothes softer, fabric conditioners have certain harsh chemicals which are not good for digital prints women tops. Other brightening and cleaning agents which promise to make your clothes new are equally harmful for printed tees. Simply say no to these products if you want to keep wearing your favorite piece of clothing longer.

Do not dry in direct sunlight

Direct sunlight can bleach out any colored clothing and this hold true for printed tees as well. Always dry them in shade to ensure they remain fresh and bright for many years.

Avoid ironing directly

Never place the iron directly on the digital prints women tops. Direct heat can cause the print to melt and chip away from the fabric. Always reverse the top before ironing and set the heat at medium level (I personally use the “silk” setting on my iron). For best results, place a muslin cloth between your printed tee and the iron. This would ensure that the printed area does not get direct heat and your print lasts longer. Try these tips to give a new lease of life to your printed tees and any other clothing item. If you know of any more tips, please post them in the comments below.

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