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7 TV series inspiring recent fashion trends

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Netflix and HBO have brought about a trail of binge watching era. This era is defined in many contexts of plot, relativity and series design. One very huge aspect in the binge world is fashion. Draw all your fashion inspirations from the celebrities on series and you will be left with so many other options still.

Let us look at some of the most fashionable series of the decade!

Modern family


This show steals the limelight by bringing Sofia Vergara as the ever ready to haul- Gloria Pritchett. She is a fashionista in sophistication. Everything that she adorns looks blossoming on her, from dresses of prints to designer tops and denims. In that picture though, Haley Dunphy rocks her own little fashion game. She is the young, vibrant street picture of America!



This never gets old, does it? The trends of Rachel Green from this ever-alive tv series is a much fashion revisit for girls even today. In the later seasons of the episode when Rachel starts working for Ralph Lauren, she sets the new trend of work wear, which is appreciated and looked at even today. If you want to look into a safer fashion genre, look for Monica Geller. Go bold and make statements with Phoebe Buffay!

Sex and the city

Four fashionable women from New York talk about their lives’ content and discontent while looking fabulously groomed throughout the show. Pick from Carrie Bradshaw’s most bold fashion attempts. These women are charged with the vitality of new trends, look at Charlotte for a safe fashion advice. Don’t think much while devising from Miranda and Samantha.


Olivia Pope rules the game of fashion in the political structure. Her professional deck up is an inspiration for many, she looks like a perfection in those high suited work wear. For a more professional cum casual getup, look into the character of Portia de Rossi. Drools to her style!

Pretty little liars


The series sets on stage four fashionable girls who defend themselves from a mysterious onlooker. These pretty liars come with a splurge of street style and casual chic style. They are the epitome of young beauty in its full favor. Look out for those amazing attire Emily and Hanna wear throughout the series!

Big little lies


Madelene, Celeste and Jane, the wealthy trio live in Monterey. They have their own sets of problems that they hide in public by covering them up in designer casual clothes and gowns. Nicole Kidman in her casual street collection looks as brandishing as ever, while Reese Witherspoon is that chirpy lady in Versace. You have Shailene Woodley and Zoe Kravitz to drool upon if you have a thing for little fashion perks.

The O.C.

A teen drama series, that looks at the intriguing lives of the teens in the Orange County. Marissa Cooper and Summer Roberts portray the young match in the understanding of fashion. A touch of youthful vibrancy and attempting upon casual chic wear is very we applaud the show. Look for more youthful inspirations. This show will suit you on so many levels.

Look for more inspirations here.


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