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Athleisure- The new trending era of ‘fit’ fashion!

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They say that Athleisure is the new casual and they definitely have a point! Say, why? Athleisure is an emerging trend in fashion that has fixated itself very prominently in the market due to its rising demands. Being ahead in the vicious circle of trends has always been demanding and requires a lot of patience (Ain’t it, my ladies in the house?). But Athleisure has a break to it, it is comfortable and does not require a lot of effort to patch up with. Everybody has to make peace in the fashion world with the fact that Athleisure is the upcoming sensation- we will see how!

The Athleisure of comfort

      comfort clothing

Athleisure is the new comfortable owing to its stretch. The extreme elastic clothing is a hybrid of casual and sports collections and clothing materials. The sporty fashion usually comprises of synthetic stretchable fabric of Lycra or Spandex. These breathable fabrics stick to your skin, absorb moisture and helps to retain the carefree attitude throughout the day!

Hues of neutral and neon


Sporty comfortable fashion in colors of neon or neutral! There is no in between vibrance and achromatic, the patterns are linear and abstract. Athleisure is a recent street style strategy. Pick and stylize in the combination of patterns and colors and there you are done with the basics. Pick some neon colors for either your top-wear or bottom and spare it with a neutral shade to enhance your best curves!

Are you the member of the ‘fit’?


Athleisure is the new favorite on spot, because of the fact that it lays on it’s own very category of fitness. The new generation is adhered to the very concept of fitness and the depiction of it in terms of fashion is a big yay in the fashion industry. There is a multiple scope of adjusting the mantra of fitness with crude street style bonanza.

A multipurpose athletic androgynous choice


The sporting fashion stretch is a multipurpose clothing dimension. It allows you to workout and casually stroll on the streets at the same time. The major range of athleisure clothing is androgynous. This makes the choices more wide and the most acceptable in trends!

Casual street style athleisure

The fashion stalwart this season is casual street style and the biggest onlooking trend is that of athleisure. The sport style features your ‘fit’ attitude in collaboration with the quirky trendy ideas to match up with. You can always wear stretchable workout bottom wear with a cool funky loose t-shirt. Tie them in knots and accessorize in all the boho junk that you got!

The trend is on, live with the breathable fashion in style that you deserve!

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