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Bulk Orders/ B2B Buying

Vanca Bulk Order buying process

Our Company VFPL has been in the business for more than a decade. We operate primarily in online space but at the same time we also work with various departmental stores, retail stores to help our partners do a stable, good quality and profitable business. We work closely with our retail partners and ensure that we together create proper value proposition to our end customers. We believe in partnership working and try to implement all the best practices at our retail partner stores.

·  Who can buy in bulk

Any retail business person can buy our garments in bulk. They get sales support, credit line, become part of supply chain and also a drop/collection point for our sales and rebuy programs

·  What are the pre-requisites of bulk buying (B2B)

Business PAN and GST are a must for any bulk order.

·  B2B return policies

We offer a 48 hour, no question asked return policy for bulk purchase. We work closely to implement our rebuy program for all sustainable garments.

· B2B terms and conditions and payment

We work on 100% down payment for all transactions. We also offer 2% additional discount on orders above 5000 Rs.

For COD orders, we offer 25% initial online payment and 75% on goods receipt.

Do refer our terms and conditions policies @ https://thevanca.com/T&C



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