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Best year end style picks 2017

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The year ends with a revolution of athletic fashion and comfort wear. This year of 2017 shall be remembered as the athleisure year, I tell you! The prospect of upturning tables from skinny and fit to anti-fit and comfort wear was a much called change for our times of constant busy schedules. The coming in of the informal office culture has helped the paths of fashion take turns towards comfort. That is the most you should pick from this year of nay-says!

We have handpicked the most comfortable appearances out there for your benefit, play along the safe lines of safe fashion and you are done with thinking over wardrobes at least for a week!

Yellow and blue!

Do not underestimate the power of yellow. Yellow with all its variants is the new stump, you can not get wrong with yellow. Pick yellow cardigans and sweaters and pair them with denim of blue and grey. You can also look out for a gym-textured athleisure blue up neck sweater. Blue is and shall remain the safe game!

You can also play the neon game right, if you might! Contrast neon with navy blue and that should be good to go. This year end is a casual game-changer, casual is in trend and everybody picks on comfort. To make your own signature, introduce accessories in your casual avatar. Use ponchos, scarves and beanies to enhance your stylish looks.

Red, some more and red again!

It is almost as if I have been chanting red, red from the past week. But I cannot tell you the emphasis red has on the market right now. Red is on fire all over and I cannot insist enough. Winters onset is marked by the coming of red in the market, if you feel that red is too flamboyant for you, you can de-tone it with a contrast of neutral grey or off white. Do not indulge in a mistake to putting up two vibrant colors, you would almost look like an Ice-cream, so!

Year-end style revision!

Shimmer shines, yes! Shimmer shines more in neutral athleisure, I have never come across any shimmer better than the rose-gold shimmer. Pair shimmer with very basic contrast of top-wear or bottom-wear. What? Yes. Bottoms in shimmer are in and totally in. All you have to avoid is do not begin to look like a marriage hall, pick vertical or horizontal prints in shimmer over a neutral base when choosing shimmer for bottom-wear. You can let your unconventional fashion side come to the brink this new year and tackle it with fashion reason, you will be good!

Just keep one thing in mind, do not over-do, over-indulge and over-clutter. Know where the lines of fashion turn upside down and listen to intuition when picking for your year-end style!

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