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How to buy maxi dresses online that flatter your figure

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If you are ever asked to attend an event without being well informed about the type of gathering or the occasion, what would be your safest bet for choosing a dress? Let’s add more fun to the game and ask you to shop for a dress for this occasion. I know it’s really a bad proposition to ask a girl to choose only one dress and I duly sympathize. But, in real life we do get stuck such a scenario where we have to make a quick decision and pack our bags in a jiffy. So scratch your head a little and come up with just one dress that will fit the bill. Chances are that, 9 out of 10 women would opt to buy women long dresses if they have to choose only one dress for any given event.

A free flowing and stylish maxi dress that accentuates feminine charm can sail you through any event. These floor touching dresses are a rage this season and the staple for every girl’s wardrobe. If you have plans to buy maxi dresses online, you should consider the following to choose the most flattering one for your body type:

Pear Shaped Body: This type of body shape is characterized with broader bottom and legs and slim neck, shoulders and waist. If you have pear shaped body, you should opt for dresses that has lots of volume on the top part and a plunging neckline. By drawing attention to the top of your body you balance out the heavier bottom and successfully create the illusion of hourglass figure.

Style Tip: Opt to buy maxi dresses online that have strappy spaghetti style or halter neck to accentuate your shoulder. Avoid dresses that have volumes of fabric in the lower half.

Apple Shaped Body: Apple shaped females have a top heavy body with slim thighs and legs. Accentuate your waist with empire waist and show off those sexy legs. Do not wear something that has too much detailing at the waist else it might make you look broader. Buy women long dresses that have high low hemline and show off your leggy self.

Style Tip: Opt for V necklines and capped sleeves that draw attention away from your upper body. Choose all over prints that camouflage your heavy top and create a wow effect.

The Hourglass Figure:  This shape is considered the ideal of feminine beauty and is characterized by a slim waist and proportionate top and bottom. Almost any type of dress suits this body shape and you have a lot of choice when you buy women long dresses. To look your beautiful best, choose a style that highlights your envious assets.

Style Tip: Go for plunging neckline, gathered waist (you can even try a wide belt to achieve this) and a clingy lower portion that accentuates your hourglass figure.

Ruler Shaped Body: This body shape is characterized by near equal measurements for bust, waist and hips and hence looks straight like a ruler. If you possess a ruler shaped body, buy maxi dresses online that uses a flowy fabric and has lots of ruffles, pleats, gatherings, and layering. This style would add volume to your figure and create illusion of curves.

Style tip: Go for cut out dresses that create illusion of curves or try dresses with cinched or gathered waist.

This summer buy women long dresses that flatter your figure and get dressed to kill!

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