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Newness in Fashion?- All New Fall Trends 2018

The summer heat is getting its hold off and now is the time of emanating in the favors of Autumn. The Fall Trends 2018 is going to be amazingly inspired by the past and in a way re-modifying the intents of the past trends. For Fall Trend 2018,   Layering The new trend in town […]

Why Lace styles? – The Vanca Expertise

Lace is evergreen, lace is forever more!   There is no such thing as enough lace, and this timeless fabric has seen more than a century of fashion phase change. An elder fashion fabric, “The term lace is from the middle African word. The Latin word is laqueus, which means to ensnare or entice.” Lace […]

Monsoon Fashion On Delhi Streets

Monsoons are here and it means delight with a hint of fashion ruckus! Monsoon Fashion is not easy to carry and definitely not easy to put together, so let us make some charges on those grounds today. When you think monsoon, how do you imagine the streets to be like? Colorful, offset, up balanced with […]

Being yourself- The Vanca Girl

Tanya Batra, a 27 year old woman sat there on the bean bag incessantly hurling through the pages of her big fat book. There was a laptop in front of her curled up posit and the phone was buzzing beside. Busy much, eh? With a series of chats and upfront friendly conversations, we get to […]

Blue for Autumn from The Vanca

There is always that one style, one trend and one design that sweeps over the social media. That one dress that you have always wanted in your wardrobe, that one dress that you have been trying to sort first! Sorting trends is not a thing that you do by yourself anymore, you don’t have to […]

Says The Vanca Girl!

The incandescent nature of confidence and success booming up the presence of a girl who twirls at the dance of life- very closely defining The Vanca Girl! Pallavi Rebbapragada is a leading journalist and an author by choice. She is drawn to her profession in the media and says that it is the best decision she […]



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