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5 things to remember when buying maternity wear

As the baby grows inside the womb, mothers often ponder about the right clothes to wear that provide the ultimate comfort and warmth to both the mother and the baby. The usual clothes may fit for the first trimester, but then in the second & third trimester, moms have to switch to higher sizes clothes. […]

7 Things not to wear this Summer

This is the summer of changes within the retained, last year’s trends have been modified and readjusted according to 2018 style predictions. Athleisure has changed phases, big prints are not included, instead block prints in ajrakh, indigo, chintz is totally in. For this summer, choose appropriate colors (do not go all neon at night) and […]

How to develop a non-binary wardrobe?

Developing a non-binary wardrobe is not very difficult and very much in instance right now. You need to get rid of your common conceptions of fashion styling and develop an entirely new, fearless and bold sense. The conventions in fashion are laid out for the 70% mass who believe in safe fashion. If you are […]

Lookout for the new winter style trends ’17

Winters are the safest times for fashion. The winter style trends don’t change that much each year except that there is some marvel design up and out. Remember the rage of quilts and vintage return? This is the time wherein the safe options take over the quirky spots and barely anything goes wrong until a […]

5 ways to style in athleisure smart-wear this winter

Love athleisure? Unsure if it ranges in winters too? Well, the answer is a big yes! The combination aesthetic of athleisure gets it an added appreciation. You can get into athleisure smart-wear and pull off the amazing trends. I would rather say, there is enough and apt space for building trends! Let us know more […]

When, Where, What- Checklist of your Wardrobe Essentials!

In the last post we got to know more about Capsule Wardrobe and how is it a necessity in the busy world that we live in. Today we shall look more into your wardrobe essentials. Everybody has a very basic style on in terms of regularity, same old t-shirts, a pair of jeans and other […]

5 things to know about Capsule Wardrobe

This is the age of workaholics, this is where they reign. Capsule Wardrobe is the new trend of ‘less is more’. Have all that you need and pick wisely to avoid clutter is the mantra of all those busy bodies out there, ain’t it? But however easy it may seem to get less, it is […]

7 Classic Prints you should know about

Classic prints never run out of the trend pipe in the fashion industry! You can sure on some patterns and designs and you should be well aware about them. Animal prints, sequins, embroidery, polka, and so much more to retain, ain’t it? Let us look at the undying prints first, love of the lot! Minimal […]

7 signs to lookout for, for a positive body image

Positive Body Image is all about your comfort and outlook towards yourself. The positive you is reflected in your personality and this is what and how the world looks at you. So the first priority in reaching a happy state would be to take care of yourself. Look like you have an internal understanding with […]

Hatch up the game of fashion trends of this season!

Big fan of boho? Binge up that boho trend with a slight play of necklines, waistlines and hemlines. The fashion trends of the season suggests a very evident contrast of solid colors and definitive spot cluttering. You can add boho sparkle to these spots in fashion or simply choose apparels that have a pre-added definition […]



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