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Classic Styles and The Trending Meet ‘18

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The story of fashion and elegance dates back to the very origins of clothing, ain’t it? It has been long enough for the classic styles to make a circle. The circle of this upheaval in fashion is reaching its familiar ends with huge modifications in accordance to the world today. The boot-cut is back with a top notch athleisure quality, the floral sets on stage with a fusion with abstract, so much more and from the past. Be a fashionista wherein you conclude in classic and rage in trends!

Let us see how this fusion meets and separates.

 Classic Style in fusion with the Trending

 There has always been one style pick for everybody since the earlier times. For instance the little black dress or a sequined shift dress, yes! This classic  acceptance has now taken the face of fusion and Indie fashion. There is an assimilation of the classic and the trending fashion of floral, prints of indigo and portraits of famous art. Lace is back too ladies, look up.  Look keen in the eye and check out the fusion fixtures!

The story of athleisure and comfort fashion


Athleisure is a modern day dream of comfort fashion. The bling of the 90s disco era was devoted to comfort fashion with casual shift dresses and extensive accessorizing. It has come back folks! Look as hippie and as boho as you mean. Trend the streets with your yoga wear with a hint of an effort to look stylish. You have so much in options!

The comfort fashion is the main agenda of this ear’s fashion bulletin. The styles presented in fashion weeks and runways borrow the comfort zoning of the 90s and display the street styles following the current global climate!

  The one time you were confused in the sleeves

The sleeve fashion is back and with much vigor and many options. The cult fashion of the 90s with focus on shoulder cuts is back with a boom. They have versions of cut shoulders, off shoulders and cold shoulders. Get set with your cold and comfortable look this autumn. Pick some round frames and hitch up the gladiators inspires from Greek ancient resemblance!

 Denims and Classic Denims

         The Sea Scape Blue Denim Dress

Well yes, the denims never go out of trend. They are modified and re-modified as the trend goes in and comes back. The denims are one of the classic styles trend which in the 90s was inadvertently boot-cut and bell bottom. It vanished for a decade and came back with modifications of anti-fit and thread works. The denim jackets that raged the streets in the 90s are back with a bam and but abstract prints and embroideries. Denim dresses are your go-to for the season and yay!

The fusion on the streets

Check out for the most looked for fashion tend in street style, a perfect blend of the classic and trend! The street fashion for today ranges from anti-fit to athleisure, fusion from the past is in the trend. You know where to look at now for inspirations! Look out for classic styles like ruffle skirts, hip huggers, pop joggers and all the wide range of athleisure. Fix all the inspirations with chokers of different styles and a straight hair do.


The answer to your queries lies in the past. You do not have to blob over fashion for now, loom behind and believe in modifications at minimal!




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