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Corporate Responsibility

The Vanca – Passion. Precision. Perfection.

We at The Vanca believe in the beauty of style, grace and harmony achieved through perfection of design. “Vanca” in Japanese means ‘designed towards perfection’, in Spanish it denotes -“desirable” and in Sanskrit it stands for ‘creative passion’. It is only natural then that we imbibe our identity and future direction with such inspired thought. We have been in the fashion industry for nearly two decades, we have journeyed with its various avatars and today stand true to being a contemporary fashion design company. The Vanca was created by “Design Believers” who have not only been designing for the best but innovating to help them achieve their fullest glory. We are a ‘by gut’ team, passionate about creating world-class designs, straight from the heart. Ever since our inception, the European market has been our playground. It has always been our endeavour to blend Eastern (Asian subcontinent) mystique with an experienced head for western silhouettes and cuts. Our designs are very contemporary, chic, built to please modern sensibilities and tease the woman in you. Every piece is crafted by blending European styles with Asian designs. We have positioned our designer wear at mid-segment so that we can bring the best of high-end fashion to our customers, making them affordable without compromising on quality or aesthetics. This range gives us an extra edge and creates a genre of its own. Adopting the latest fashion is not enough, wearing dresses matching your style is important. At The Vanca we create your unique style which is, most importantly, built to your fit. As personal fashion mentors, we also partner you in choosing apparel that matches your need and tickles your personality. With an enormous zeal of relentlessly ensuring that our products are top of the line, we bring the future of fashion to you.


We are a responsible company that believes in holistic development of brand, people and society. We maintain very positive ethical values that enrich us as well as the society we live in.


We associate ourselves with various groups to ensure we achieve our target and growth plan. We are a believer of integral growth for all. We are a firm believer of giving back to society:

  • By employing people from poor socio economic background
  • By providing opportunities to physically challenged people
  • By associating with schools that provide education to students who cannot afford fees

Society: The Human Factor

We at The Vanca believe in the very fact that whatever we take from the society we have to return it back. With this thought we have put a small but steady effort to pay off our debts by providing employment to people from poorer sections of society. We have associated ourselves with various groups so that we can more extensively reach people who are in need. We provide a platform to the physically challenged where they can get various opportunities and also earn a living. We have also associated ourselves with many schools that don’t have proper infrastructure and facilities and have adopted students who cannot afford fees and pay for their education. Moreover we have donated computers and uniforms to few Schools. Being a responsible company we are aiming at a holistic development of both the company and our society.  As we grow, so shall our initiatives to develop a harmonious society.



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