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How to dress in affordable casual summer dresses for work

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Announcing the results of The Vanca’s


We posted 2 questions to our lovely lassies:

  1. How do you usually dress for office?

  2. Where do you buy your clothes from?


An overwhelming majority of our respondents voted for:


  1. Casual and comfortable dressing, preferably jeans and tops

  2. Affordable women’s fashion online stores


Off late, formal clothing has been largely replaced by everyday wear. Most of the corporate houses and IT companies have embraced informal everyday dressing. Jeans and t-shirts is the unisex official wear for majority of office goers.


However, when we are dressing casually 24 x 7 it becomes imperative that we have an assorted wardrobe chosen from affordable women’s fashion online stores. Having definite clothing for different occasions, especially for the workplace, helps you sale through the have -nothing -to-wear moments very easily.


We all know that our dressing plays a vital role in how others perceive our personality. Our clothing has its own language and others communicate and understand it very well subconsciously. Believe it or not how others respond towards you is largely impacted by the way you dress and carry yourself. This simple fact can have profound impact on your career prospects and success in the long run.


Wondering what should be the best practices for dressing for workplace? We bring for you some basic rules that will guide you in your next shopping spree of affordable casual summer dresses and other clothing items.


Skin show is a NO-NO


Women who dress scantily or in dresses that leave nothing for imagination are perceived to be unprofessional. Avoid wearing short dresses, strapless tops, crop tops etc. for office.


Break the Rule:  We certainly aren’t living in medieval world and if you have a gorgeous figure and want to flaunt it do so in parties or informal outings with friends.


Keep your Dresses Clean


This one is a no brainer yet, many of us think that we can walk wear that dress one more time before throwing it into the washing machine. Never do this, as this portrays you as a lazy and insincere person who takes personal hygiene casually.


Handy Tip: Plan your dresses a week in advance and take advantage of seasonal offers to maintain a good collection of tops and t-shirts from affordable women’s fashion online sites.


Iron out the wrinkles


Goes without saying that wrinkled clothes not only ruin the grace of the dress but also make you look unorganized and frumpy. Use your iron frequently and go out dressed in a crisp and neat attire to get yourself noticed effortlessly.


Life saver Hack: Get lots of cloth hangers and once ironed hang your clothes neatly in your closet. This will keep your dress well organized and wrinkle free much longer.


Cut to Fit


Fitting clothes make you look more alert, organized and in control. Wearing clothes that do not fit well might put you in embarrassing situations by being too baggy or too tight. Always go for fitting clothes that make you look prim and polished.


Tip of the Day: If you are shopping online for affordable casual summer dresses always refer the size chart to get your perfect fit.


Follow the dress-code

Despite allowing casual dressing most of the organizations do follow some dress code. There might be certain items of dressing that are not permitted at your workplace. If short skirts are not allowed at your workplace, avoid wearing mid length skirts as well.

Be one amongst them: Never try to go against the dress code and make yourself noticed for undue reasons.  At your workplace, preferably dress a step above rather than below the dress code.


Accessorize with Care


Nobody at the workplace wants to be distracted by your flashy, jingling or chunky jewelry. Same holds true for loud make up, very strong perfume and flashy funky footwear. Being minimalistic with all these three categories can actually enhance your personality and help you succeed at your workplace.


Golden Rule: Always remember one basic rule – Less is more!


For the next haul of your affordable women’s fashion online shopping, consider the above tips and rules and go for clothes that ensure your credibility and win silent approvals for you at your workplace.

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