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The Fashion Messiah for this season- Lace and Layer!

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The Met Gala 2017 spake in the vitality of lace gowns, the stalwarts teach the way! Lace fabric is summer friendly and gives you an elegant definition without much a do. This is a bling for all those lazy puddles out there, layer up your sheer top-wear, add junky accessory and you are done for the day, That is the bliss this year’s Fall trends derive, be a fashionista and slip in your comfort too!

Let us browse more on the lace and layer this season, girls!

Unique and beautiful

Lace and Lace, each lace is embroidered in a different unique way and the patterns in the fillings of the net are innumerable! So you have multiple choices and the fact that lace is beautiful, immensely intricate and purpose to richness- there’s your call. Also, the different tie ups in the top-wear create a look of mess which is very much in this season. The lace style could be used with any variety of fabric and dials on an uncompromising elegance since ages now. Be the elegant bewitch m’ladies!

Never Out of Trend

The biggies in the fashion world have spoken- layer it up girls! It is the new definite fall trend which portrays elegance with the rock chic look if you carry the rock avatar. Layer your clothes, be intuitive and know your layer picks- avoid looking like a baggage. This fashion season is all about your comfort and confidence, be like it!

Layers are your best bet in all the seasons


Layers and the style of layering your clothes somewhere gives you an edge in the fashion eye. It is all too well pleasing when you combine a dress with a long shrug or wear white lacey top with blue denims and shrug it up with any pastel color of your choice. You will rock this summer if you choose the right layers with correct color choice!

Easy elegance


It’s a tough job to look classy, period. Give me a set and I will casual my way out, I will look messy and still be within the fashion zone but to look elegant and classy, it takes a stroll- a long one! All the ladies out there, let your nods and sighs on this humongous issue rest for a while; Lace your problems! The elegant dominion of fashion diaries are reigned by that black dress and laced up gowns and shift dresses. The Met Gala 2017, hitched over the same statement!

The new Street Style


The new chapter is adorned with the classic lace and clumsy layers! This is the new balance of the fashion dilemma for this season. Choose your major onlooking fabric of lace and layer it up with cotton shrugs or straight linen musky jacket. This season decide on junk jewellery and accessories keenly, they pucker up your fashion blend and give a more summery chic look. Be street ready girls!

So, you know how to work this out girls- go be a diva!

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