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Hatch up the game of fashion trends of this season!

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Big fan of boho? Binge up that boho trend with a slight play of necklines, waistlines and hemlines. The fashion trends of the season suggests a very evident contrast of solid colors and definitive spot cluttering. You can add boho sparkle to these spots in fashion or simply choose apparels that have a pre-added definition on the neck stitch, hems and waist stitch. Let us how do we get along this inspiring trend!

Creativity in that Neckline 

Boho Definition on Grey Skater Dress                                                             Blue embroidered neckline Maxi Dress  


The necklines have come back to fashion after taking a big round circle from the early Victorian Era- the mother era of Fashion trends. Lace upheaval and V-line are coming back in the trend along with the hippie Boho culture. So you see a definite contrast between elegance and carefree providing you with enough space of creativity. There are apparels with pre added definition on the neckline like the blue Maxi from our stores. You can add a hint of creativity with opting for a plain neckline patterned dress like the Grey Skater Dress above and combine it with chunky gold Boho neckpiece to add definition to your dress and persona. This contrast of hipster and early melange is the basic this season, opt for as much creativity as you can.

Pick the Fashion Trends- Define that waistline!


Wrap at Waist semi-empiral Alluring Jumpsuit                                                Grid Neckline with defined stop waistline Navy top

Enhance your best spot- this has been the mantra for all trend picks! With the anti fit holding this season, you can enhance waist definition by using a boho kamarbandh or wrapping up a leather belt. Or you look at the waist cloth tapped jumpsuit from our stores and look like a blooming fashionista! Pick up that lace top with a V-neckline and a stop at the waist to look like a dream. Adding definition to the waist brims up your curves in the most elegant way. Opt for asymmetrical  waist lines to give an abstract look to your apparel, you can also choose from the empire waistline to enhance the upper curve of your waist. Princess seam is our own personal favorite as it adds a carefree definition to your waistline!

Hassle up that Hemline

Blue Denim mid-thigh round hemline dress                                                Brim Lace ankle-length hemline Maxi dress

It all matters if you are comfortable, ain’t it? Different types of hemlines basically accentuate what you want to feel comfortable at. There are hip-high hemlines that generally are opted for in bodycon dresses and shorts. Then there is a general category of mid-thigh, thigh-line, mid-calf, below-knee, above-knee hemlines that is opted for by everybody for a casual comfort. Use maxi hemlines of ankle length, floor and handkerchief hemlines in events or as casual street wear. Like I said, it all depends on your comfort and type of fabric that you are planning to wear. Also, you can pick a laced up hemline or a semi circle embroidered hemlines, add definition to your hemline with a little creativity in stock!

Wrap up that bring game of the ol’same, pick up the new trends of utmost fashion by opting for alluring necklines, definitive waistlines and unhinged hemlines!

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