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Glitters and Gray- Introducing the trend of the season!

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All that Glitters is Neutral this year folks! Combine the best of your glittery touch with the most subtle base palette and your are sorted to rule the streets. Gray and Glitter are totally a yes this season and the best part is that so much can be done with this combination of extremes. Also with Athleisure and Retro booming around the corner, you have a lot to pick from!

What more can we know of this contrast, let us check this out!

The Designer Gray and Glitter Rush

From Valentino to Schouler to Fendi, there is one common mix in all designs braced at the runway- they all shine in subtlety and have coordinated hues of neutral shades. The Pantone palette has spoken for Grey! There is no risk in picking fashion wit contrast as you want to, be it hair-do, makeup, accessorizing or anything else. Choose your glittery spot and spot on with perfection!

Coming back to the Retro

This year is about revisiting the golden (I literally mean Golden!) era of the 90s. With glittering fashion flower crown and a bright make up do throughout, you have your evenings sorted. Glitters and neutral gray is the best match this season. Retro fashion is just around the corner, hitch it up. It is minimal in maximus my friend!

The patch up of Athleisure and Street


Feminisation of athletics in fashion is the new street mantra! Athleisure is usually a unisex combination of comfort clothes. But when you include the idea of high raft fashion and combine the feminine vibrancy of loud statements, you should know you are rocking the street this year. All the inspirations from the Coachella Queens Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez!

Sequins are totally in

Oh yes, the disco trend is back. Chanel’s stop with sequins in minimal has always been the groovy trend whatsoever! There is a new shift towards comfort fashion. Designers have totally paired the less with the most, choose your sequins in a more subtle manner to enhance the neutral area of your fashion apparel. That is how it is working this year, ladies!

Accessorize yourself in glitter

Do that! I don’t see how without a proper accessory can a beautiful fashion piece look towards perfection. Choose all that glitter you have wanted to spread and contrast it with comfort leisure clothing in gray. Know what, choose a Grey shift dress and pair it with a sequin clutch and a light glittery nude heels. You will be the Goddess of the street, I tell you!

Keep the mantra of Gray and Glitter as the core intuition this year. Everything on the street to those long evenings of love, spread the glitter of your style and confidence!


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