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The Go-To New Year Trends to lookout for!

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With the dawn of newness in the new year, trends erupt! Fashion trends have a long history of modifications and re-modifications, this is what this year is about! You will find many revisits in the trend alert but the modern fragments are intricately bound to these trend alerts. Let us find out more about the mix-ups of 2018 fashion trends!

The Asian Trail

The designs from the cultural impacts of the East will be on rise in the new year trends. The ethnic designs contrasting with the trends of casual and street is the new go to. There is no limitation on the kind of styles you can infuse and derive this year. Creativity in fashion shall shine in 2018. The two extremes of fashion- innovation and safe are both in trend for the year. There will be a trail of eastern designs and intuitive styling!

Bright and stark

Ah yes! The bright is back in the new year trends setup. The soothing clouds of neutral and scape hues have taken a backseat in many trend alerts. This is the season of fuchsia and bright pick spots. I kid you not, the more you indulge in bright fashion, more ranks your fashion lifts. The primary palette is back with a mix of shiny yellow and white- pink, ruby, teal, royal blue will all be on the walls and wardrobes!


Hola Athleisual

Well, we are all aware what boom Athleisure dawned with in 2017. The fashion patterns of athleisure will move more towards funky street side with a hint of minimalism. The new year trends are marked with the mix up of casual and athleisure. There will also be a rise in contrasting athleisure with other trends to widen the styling space. It is also important to learn about the color contrasts that will follow by the mix of colors.

Denim on Denim

There is no shutting up about denim at all! It gets even better with the overlapping denim ideas. The new year trends styling of overall denim picks will be on the rise, yes. Place your denim shirt/jacket with denim skirts and jeans. However keep one thing in mind, there shouldn’t be a lot of shimmer or patches or patterns on both ends of denim. I would suggest to put up a very contorted athleisure designs into play. For instance pick denim skirts with side slit buttons (it is reaching high tides in the market!)



Sustainability Credibility

Sustainable fashion was a heap in the last year. It continues to be so and runs in modifications and parallels of the environment friendly products. 2017 placed a huge market for green fashion- hemp, liva, tensel, wood-pulp inspirations for products was in constant with the fashion market. This research design will peak high in 2018, the world is more concerned on the causes of sustainable!


Fashion trends evolve and revisit the classic styles and palette. All you have to do is style smart, smart never runs out of fashion sights!


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