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Non Binary Fashion- The new market buzz!

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Non-binary fashion is the type and styling that does not involve the classic color contrast palette. The very popular combinations of colors is made bold and developed into a more vibrant palette. There is no setback in color combination in this pick styling. It is important however not to look like a clown set, thus accessorizing is very crucial.

Intuitive and Bold

When you don’t align to rules, you are making a statement. When you choose to go all intuitive and choose styling for your own self without any hindrance of preset rules; that’s when you are bold and do not care about what others have to say. Non-binary fashion should be your choice when you choose to go self-attained and above the bickering of “This style is totally wrong!”

Classical Modern Combo

Usually binary fashion includes any kind of styling, any pick from anywhere in the world is good to go. But the best styling is maintained when the contemporary is mixed with the classical. Say if you match a patched harem pant with tank top and floral jacket? There are so many colors to think of in the patched harem itself, but if you plan a combination such as these, it gives you a balanced look. 

Free Expression

Non binary fashion is a symbol for free expression. It clearly means that you do not at all align with any preset notions in the world of fashion. If you are a wanderer in this tied world, then this free fashion is for you. Involve your creativity to its widest now that you have a term for it. Be as creative as you can and put as many colors as you want to. Justify your creativity with confidence, that is the key!

An intelligent wardrobe

By intelligent wardrobe, I mean that you must organize and setup a wardrobe that compliment your creative skills not in a way that every style is so innovative that you cannot pair with any other clothing.

Choose clothes that go with many matches. Choose colors at your own ease but make sure that it can go with anything you wear. Non-binary fashion is the actualization of the hippie culture, adore it with your own philosophy!

Not for all times

Any extremity comes with a limitation of ‘not everyday’. You certainly have to accept the societal norms when you are accepting invitations or for occasions that are public. Living in a society has a prerequisite aspect that certain norms are to be followed. The difference between individuality and a collective has to be understood when you opt for extreme ideas.

Well, that is how it works folks!


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