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The Perfect Pair of Denims: Myth Busted!

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There is a much hue say on the vision of a perfect pair of denim these days. With so many types and assortments fielding in the market, the showcase of a ‘perfect pair’ remains a mystery somehow! I will tell you what, there is no one such general perfect pair love. All you got to know about styling yourself is which pair gives you maximum comfort and flatters your body shape. Denims are your best bet to sport style and confidence with a sorted comfort. To find your own perfect must have you have keep certain things in mind, let us look at most of it!

Know your everyday need


What is your general requirement depending on your work schedule and place, should be your first question when you plan on buying jeans! It is good to sport flare jeans, regular mid rise denims at offices so you are comfortable all day and you skin breathes too. If you are in a job space where a formal dress code is not mandatory, go for boyfriend jeans, my personal favorite!

Know the styles


There are many styles of jeans available today in the market, to know your must haves do a basic research first. From types in regular jeans, straight cut to new trends of flared jeans, boot-cut, low rise, high rise and boyfriend; choose your best pair and sort others according to need and occasions. Denims are rough and tough, they won’t lose their tenacity and texture even if you don’t take them out for a couple of months!

Take fashion risks intuitively


Fashion is a spark of intuitions alongside the trends hovering. The same applies to sporting your pair of jeans. Depending on your body type, all the types of denim barring a few would suit you if you work it out with commendable styling. From simplest options like kurta and jeans, shirt and jeans with proper accessories to funky wrap around drape with a skinny jeans or cut-shoulder tops with a high rise denim shorts; it all works out only when you think intuitively!

A little discomfort in show-off comes as a package


You have to choose comfort over most other things in your everyday lifestyle but a little discomfort here and then seeps out on an extraordinarily fashionable day. It is okay! But only until you and your body is okay with it. Especially with types such as skinny and super skinny jeans, you are shrunk into the least that you can be. That comes as a package girl, but make sure it does exceed your acceptance level.

Points to ponder upon before shopping for your denims


Before going on to shop for your denim, make sure you keep a few things in mind first. Always buy one size bigger denim than the actual size in waist and length (if you are a wash and addict), machine wash shrinks the denim. But if you follow the methods of Levi’s CEO and opt for not washing them (nope, we aren’t saying wear dirt; you can always air it out or freeze them)- buy one size smaller denim because it stretches and fits in one or two wear!

Your unique perfection defines the perfect pair for you. There is no such thing as one perfect pair of jeans as I said above, sport your uniqueness in the perfect way possible!

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