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Your Red Valentine Lookbook!

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Valentine’s Week has begun and the buzz will stick and stay for some time now!

This week long affair is the time for some to look their best for the other half, others who generally put an effort to look at their best for self- To both janta, lookout for this look-book which shall make your life easier for the entire week!

First day Rose Day


Make it red and awesome. This Rose Day play your cards red, it defines your enthusiasm for the entire love week. The color shall enthrall your boost itself to live in the charisma of love! Take a look at this beautiful lace red top and pair it with the white skirt that you see in the next image. Put on a leather ankle length boot and you will be on right track.

The upheld Propose Day

Propose Day means a beginning, a beginning of certain journey that represents joy. What better than the palette of yellow for this day! Pick our yellow floral dress and put on a brown leather boots, brown leather jacket to complete your look for the 2nd day of love week. You can also take a look at this Orange Tunic dress to make impact. Do put on a brown leather belt to complete this look.

Chocolate, chocolate everywhere!

This Valentine’s Week get your sweet tooth on a happy stroll. This Chocolate Day, immerse yourself in the sinful love chocolate strategy. Wear complimenting-to-chocolate colored dresses and flaunt the bars with apt confidence. Take a look at this magenta colored dress of perfection and peach Maxi that will flaunt any accessory you choose about. Do not forget to make it a cheat day for yourself!

The cute little teddy, cute and ready!

Look cute today! You are a teddy buddy right in your heart, make use of it. Take a look at our cute Collection from our Camisole Touch Polka Red top. Pair it with a leather pant and you are done. You can also take a look at this Floral Cold Shoulder Top. We are in absolute love with the top! Pair it with anything sensible and it will go good.

The promise of Fashion

Promises are meant to be kept and taken seriously, ain’t it? Your promise to fashion is a sacrosanct promise (*wink*). Take a look at this blue sequined dress for a beautiful date night. You can also take a look at this Floral Maxi Dress for your daytime aficionado.

We send hugs of love to you


Well, big bear hugs to all of you! I cannot advice a better option than the above dress. Take a look at this closed collared dress, pair it with a brown leather belt and high knee boots. You are sorted for your professional look for the day. The floral maxi dress is your call for the night, it clearly explains your joyous propaganda for the day!

Happy Valentine’s Day

The D-day is here already. Make it the palette of love, pick this affectionate red dress for the best look of the week, pair it with high heels and some gorgeous oxidized gold earrings. You will look like a princess! The peace Maxi sequined dress is like a dream come true. Look out for these amazing dresses for your Valentine look-best.

Much love and affection to all of you out there from The Vanca!

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