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Say Jacket and Slay in Style- This Summer!

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This summer is the summer of comfort and messy style with intricate detailing, ladies! Follow the trend like a boss and save time thinking over what to wear tomorrow in that heat hoot outside. Wear comfort and layers, choose bold colors and prints; match it with a low tone layer and there you are- the diva of tomorrow-land!

The best option in rocking layers is light airy coat- summer coats are a big affirmation from the fashion world but you need to style it correct or else it would make you look like a misshapen wardrobe filler, trust me!

Blaze it up but choose your colors well!


Summer calls upon you and the heat instigates to pick all those sleeveless marvels in your wardrobe that are waiting to be flaunted! This is the year of layers and the best time to break free of the one layer styling. Wear a flimsy top with comfortable trousers and pick up your best blazer to complete the look. Do not however choose pastel colors and bright fluorescent colors in your pick for blazer shopping, the design of a blazer is marked as professional- be carefree and wear as designed!

No ban on leather but know your texture


Leather usually is a big no no in summers due to its thick hide like texture. However, with all the glee that I can muster- this year the fashion gurus have given green to the leather style. You need to choose your leather jackets carefully though, the skin of the jacket should be porous and light enough to help your skin breathe in the scorch outside!

Style your shrugs well

Oh the magic of shrugs! The celebrities have picked upon the style of long airy flowy shrugs- the light stylish sister of jackets. You need to be careful about styling shrugs with different apparels though, make sure that the look of shrug remains heavier than the top-wear if you are wearing full length bottom–wear. Wear heavy textured or emblazoned airy jackets in case of shorts and skirts. You gotta know your style girl!

The fashion coating of the Summer Coats


Your best bet (and approved by Priyanka Chopra this Met Gala) is a light side trench coat. With its detailed long collars and raglan sleeves, trench coats look extremely stylish and are conquering the casual styling market. You can also choose from long over coats that come in amazing colors and designs. Style it with jeans or dress and look fab. Do not however choose anything thick, abide by cotton, linen and other breath friendly fabrics.

Kimono, Kimono, Kimono

Kimono is back from the early fashion books of 2013, when Asian influence in the fashion industry was rampant! This year is not about the size, it is about your choice girls. Choose any crazy design in your kimono shrug and flaunt it like a boss with huge shades. But make sure that the mad prints of your kimono are the only highlights in your outfit, you don’t want to look like an overdone art, do you?

Cheat tip: No thinking much! Wear an off white deep neck top with denim ankle length trousers and mules. Style it with a pastel color (peachy orange I would suggest) linen trench coat- accessorize with heavy sunglasses and mid part hair with a classic black choker. You are done for the day!


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