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Shopping time- 7 Indicators to know it is time to shop!

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Shopping is an all time favorite event in a girl’s life- a popular stereotype! It does not apply to all the girls out there. But then there are specific times when you just know that Oh well, it is time you hit the market and mall. For the lazy batch like me, online shopping would do too!

Let us check out the basic observation of events when you should know it is time to hit the shopping road.

You wear the same thing all the time, Urgent Shop!

You know it’s time to shop hop when every time you open the wardrobe and you are filled with the feel that you have no clothes to wear, this phenomenon does not depend on your mood or the fact that you cannot have enough clothes. It is in general that you do not have clothes in vision!

Your clothes are coming apart


Stitch and wear, stitch and survive- when your clothes start to depend on alteration and stitch, piping buttons and all that thread mess, it is time to shop. Do not make yourself confined to the needle business, go out for shopping, buy something that you like instead!

The ‘fit’ problem

        anti-fit     shopping

I will tell you one frank fact, loosely or badly fit clothes make you look equally bad. Whimper all you want about comfort, but you must wear clothes that fit you well. It boosts your confidence and you place a good impression on the onlooker. Shopping is must if fit is absent from your wardrobe!

Changes in your personality


You don’t remain the same always, you grow as does your choices. The t-shirts of punk and funk that you wore in your teen years aren’t much in your thoughts today, are they? You grow beautiful each and day and formal too. Choose your clothes in rotation always and have a safe bet for all!

You can’t class it up when you suddenly need to

The eternal problem for all the busy bugs out there. You don’t have enough elegance in apparels owing to your grievous schedule of work. Shop enough party dresses and elegant shift and maxi dress for an urgent prep. Keep them tucked in your wardrobe!

When you aren’t happy with your wardrobe, Go Shop!

Yes, it is a thing! If you don’t like what you have collected so far, you won’t be happy wearing it and thus you will be pissed at all times and the face shows it. Shop for clothes that you like and that accentuate your looks and body type!

Bored? Go shop, It is your Right


Umm, you love to shop and you are bored at the present. So, what better than going out and getting what you want. You don’t always need luxury labels, sometimes street shopping can be your best bet. Or too lazy to go outside, check out awesome range of clothes here!

Shopping is your right Madam, work through it!

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