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The New FormSual Wear

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The New FormSual wear is the new chap in towns and streets. The casual touch in formal office wear has changed the entire office game of stuck skirts and white skirts. You can totally sport a frill skirt with a polka collared top. Do what you wish to do, but do it fresh and with elegance!

The Geometric Bonanza

Formal Dress

Geometricity is very much trending around and you should totally make use of it. Make squares, shapes, polygons and any shape that you see around your inspiration in getting formal clothing. Tops with geometric prints with a small round collar is very much running wild these days. You should definitely look into getting fusion fashion for your wardrobe this monsoon. Lace formal dressPair it with right trousers and when in doubt go denim!

denim dress


The Lace Dynamic

Lace is an absolute favorite, Lace can never go wrong and Lace shall be there for you in and at all events. Find some lace tops and shirt with shoulder lace or back lace and you can totally rock the formal street fash. Pair your lace tops and shirts with junkie denim or old classic trousers of office. You can accessorize lace tops in any elegant way you can, pearls go best with lace!

Denim FormSual Wear


Did you think that Denim doesn’t work in office wear? Well, you were wrong there! Denim shirt dresses are very much in the sync with popularity these days. You can always look at Denim Maxi Dresses for your casual office parties, a solid denim dress would just be perfect for your workaholic days. Denim has a breathable fabric and looks elegant and amazing. What more, eh!

Embellishment Indulgence


Big fans of Embellishments, aren’t we all? Embellishments if done just in a perfect place and quantity adds glamour to the dress. At the office, where formals are your only choice, make shoulder embellishments, line embellishments, pearls at buttons part of your wardrobe. Leave the ever so classic formals back, pick that shines for your next office-wear shopping list!





Prismatic Pastel

Pastels are totally in and you should totally check out the various pieces of Pastels here. Get your hands on as many pastels as you want, it is not going away anytime soon. Make pastel peach, pink, green, blue your favorite wardrobe essentials for this entire season and the next and let me tell you, you are not going to regret it in anyway!

Get bold, make statements. Yes, in formals too!

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