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Top 10 Trends from NYFW Spring 2017

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Winters are about to end, and we all surely want to be ready for the new season and look trendy. New York Fashion Week 2017 recently showcased some cool and innovative spring collection of many designers. Designers like Rosie Assoulin, Tanya Taylor, Lela Rose, Tory Burch, Victoria Beckham and many more showcased a lot of creative designs that will give us all some fashion head start for 2017 fashion. Considering the popularity of NYFW and the following of the new yorks fashion by people worldwide, we thought of curating a quick list of the best trends seen at the 2017 fashion week. These are some of the trends that were a highlight of the fashion show and something that you can add to your wardrobe for this year.

Lets have a look at the top 10 trends for 2017 spring fashion that we loved from NYFW.

Ruffles all the way

Ruffles were a big hit at NYFW 2017. Ruffles in all sizes, proportion were seen in many designs. Designers utilised these cool ruffles for skirts, dresses, tops to give us the best and the trendiest designs that look elegant and classy. Here are some of the ruffled designs we loved at NYFW 2017.

image: stylecaster.com

Khaki is the new nude


Last year the nudes were very popular everywhere. The magic of adding nudes to any look is experienced and appreciated by everyone by now. Its time to up the nude game this year where we saw a good usage of the Khaki colour by a lot of designers right from dresses, pants to trench coats.

image: stylecaster.com

Floral prints


Oh yes, the feminine and stylish floral prints continued to be seen at NYFW 2017 too. I know we all love the floral prints and the way they make you look and feel fresh. Continue to flaunt your floral print wardrobe this spring too and look your stylish best. The new floral designs look fresh, energising and of course fashionable. We saw dresses, jumpsuits, pants, skirts adorning the floral beauty.

image: stylecaster.com

Stripe it out


If you are someone who loves the stripes, you will fall in love with the amazing and striking stripes used by the designers for the spring collection. Bold, bright, textured stripes in almost all the colours caught everyone’s attention at the NYFW 2017. Stripes were used for dresses, skirts, tops and the different textures and colour combinations used for these looked simply mesmerising.

image: stylecaster.com

Feeling the blues


At every fashion show, some or the other colour seems to dominate the designs of all the designers. At NYFW 2017 we saw a lot of designs in different hues of blue. And yes, they all looked magical. Also, blue is a colour that generally looks good on everyone and makes you look energetic and stylish. Its surely time to add up some blues to your wardrobe to be ready for the spring season.

image :  thefashiontag.com

image :  thefashiontag.com

Basics never go out of style


Yes, you read it right. Basics never go out of fashion, and at NYFW too we saw a great usage of the basic colours like black and white. If you are one of those people who always stick to the blacks and whites in their wardrobe, you have nothing to worry about. Your favourite blacks and whites are still trendy, and you can totally rock them for the spring season.

image : thefashiontag.com

image : thefashiontag.com

image : thefashiontag.com

Layer it well

A lot of designs in the spring collection at NYFW saw a different kind of layering in the form of coats. Trench coats, hooded jackets added to the beauty of the looks created by the designers specifically for the upcoming spring season. Also, the various material, colours and textures used for these looked perfect for the spring feel. We totally love the bright coloured coats, What about you?

image : thefashiontag.com

image : thefashiontag.com

image : thefashiontag.com

Accessories be big this spring season


Lately, its all about wearing statements accessories. Bold, heavy and chunkier accessories have been a big time favourite amongst everyone. This spring season also, be ready to adorn some chunky and eye-catching earrings as were seen at the runway at NYFW 2017. Big, colourful, shoulder length earrings ruled the runway this time.

image : fashionista.com

Muted colours for Men


Spring is all about bright colours and energy all around. While we generally see a lot of designs in bright hues, this year it was all about grays, olives, whites, nudes for men. Menswear collection did not see any other colours this year. Even a little bit of colour here and there was very subtle to feel like the usual spring collection. All the men out there, its surely time for you to keep it muted this spring season.

image : esquire.com

Bra tops


While we saw a huge popularity for crop tops and bralette recently, its time to continue that love with the bra tops for the spring season. These tops seem like a combination of the bralette and crop tops and along with looking stylish they seem to be super comfortable and sexy. Time to work on those abs and look sexy this spring season.

image : thefashiontag.com

These are some of the top trends observed at the fashion week 2017 in New York. We tried our best to compile a quick fix for you all to give you the best of fashion details from the NYFW 2017. Now you have all the info you required to work up on your spring wardrobe. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and renew your wardrobe and be ready to flash some trendy styles this spring season.

Although, we all follow the trends and want to be fashionably best, always remember to be comfortable in what you wear. If you are not comfortable, you don’t have to wear it like a compulsion. After all, fashion is all about making you look a feel good. If you are not comfortable in what you wear, you will never feel confident about the look and might actually not be able to carry the style with ease. So yes, always consider your comfort level first.

Keep reading, keep styling and look your best always.

feature image courtesy : www.eonline.com


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