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When, Where, What- Checklist of your Wardrobe Essentials!

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In the last post we got to know more about Capsule Wardrobe and how is it a necessity in the busy world that we live in. Today we shall look more into your wardrobe essentials. Everybody has a very basic style on in terms of regularity, same old t-shirts, a pair of jeans and other what not’s. We have a checklist prepared for you in the must have section. Your additional cheat picks are your holiday bonanza!

Basic comfortable casual wear

Denim is your best friend when you are looking for a casual chic avatar! Go for denim when in confusion is the motto that always works. Pick up your pair of blue jeans, get on a white t-shirt or any bright colored top-wear and you are done with the tension of overthinking. The basic wear of your wardrobe shall encompass 3 different patterned t-shirts (you can go with striped, solid, polo), 3 pairs of casual denim bottoms (you can opt for culottes, jeans, jeggings anything that you are comfortable in), 2 pair of black trousers (trust me on this). This category is enough with these elements!

The professional wardrobe essentials

For your professional benefits, invest in good brands of clothing. You can get 3 pair of shirts, 3-4 blouses and 3-4 kurta that you can pair with jeans, trousers or skirt whatever you wish to wear. Be quirky about your clothing, safe fashion has never garnered any popularity of audacity. Learn to know what clothing pattern gives you confidence. Your comfortability should be the first priority! you are in what you are opting to wear. Too much is never an answer, minimum is your call in quality.

Those statement dresses

This is for those evenings and night parties, when you absolutely want to look your best. With this I mean that you should have a sequined dress, a low cut sexy pick up, a casual dress with abstract prints. Go for dark hues and channel them with good accessories. The collection of statement category depends on how social you are as a person, if every weekend is a star night then owing 3-4 dress, one shimmer flared skirt, couple of party blouses would do for you!

The list for your bad days

Everybody has some grilling days of stress and bad mood. Days are in blues and minimal activity is what we seek on such days. Going out to work on such days is a pain! To help solve the issue of stress, we have been gifted palazzos, joggers and maxi dresses. Keep tank tops or half sleeve tops of neutral hues and go for printed palazzo. You will look fresh and carefree, much of what you need in your days of gloom.

Look out for what you need more than what you want; this is the mantra of a clutter free stress-less beginning of days!

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